Are You Forgetting…

I almost plum forgot to blog tonight! We have my husband’s parents and brother visiting us. They suggested for us to take a date night. I mean, let’s face it…after the baby is born, we will be stuck in the house for the next few months. LOL! So, that’s what we did! The husband and I went to a little Italian restaurant we’ve been wanting to try without the kiddo. We stuffed ourselves on amazing food and cheesecake. It was nice being able to carry on a conversation without interruption and make googly eyes at each other across the table.

Tomorrow, we are exploring Old Fort Jackson and chowing down at The Crab Shack on Tybee. Hopefully, we will not overheat in this weather.

With August coming next week, we want to focus on the baby’s arrival, preparing for the baby, and spending our last month (or weeks) as a family of three. Maybe we can fit in some relaxation too.

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