The Headless Chicken

Have you ever heard of the phrase, “I ran around like a chicken with her head cut off!”? Well, if you grew up in a rural area, especially the South, probably so. If not, first, you might want to visit YouTube and search for a chicken getting decapitated. You will see sometimes the body still runs around or flaps around crazily. Basically, the idiom means to be in a state of frenzy while doing something. I was running errands today while the kiddo was in gymnastics camp. I only had a few hours, so I needed to be quick around town (which can be difficult in Savannah traffic). I needed to use my Kohl’s cash and 2 coupons before they expired this week. I’ve been looking for a small side table to go in the nursery (for cheap) and wanted a throw blanket to wrap ourselves in while nursing or rocking at night. (I remember being cold after having my daughter. Of course, I had lost a lot of blood too.) Lucky me, I found a 3 drawer storage tower with cloth grey storage drawers. It has a hard top, making it perfect for a side table for a little lamp to go on, a breast pump, and bottles. Originally priced at $100, it was on sale for $50. I bought it for $30 with my discounts. I also found an oversized plush throw in navy and white, originally priced at $40, on sale for $20. I bought it for $12. Poor Kohl’s, I am really good at saving money with them. And the baby’s nursery is really coming together…once we actually assemble the stuff. Haha!

Then, I needed to run over to Michael’s Craft store for a few sewing items and glue. I ended up spending $12 and buying a stapler kit, glue, scrapbooking paper, tiny molding sand castle kit, and the sewing items. I rushed over to Motherhood Maternity to take advantage of their nursing clothing sale with my coupon. 3 nursing camis, a nursing sports bra, maternity slip, and active capris all came to $112. Although I only have a little over a month left in this pregnancy, I will be wearing the nursing stuff and active capris months afterwards. My style tends to be low maintenance/fitness/I don’t care to impress you inspired. Haha! That way, when I do dress to impress…you are. People be like…


After Motherhood, I needed to run over to Ulta for makeup. That is always expensive. Another reason I pick and choose when to wear makeup. I ran over to a consignment shop to pick up two hair bows for the daughter. (I nearly had a heart attack when a mom told me she paid $20+ for a certain name brand hair bow at a boutique when I asked where she bought her kid’s bows.) Yeah, I paid $5 each for mine. And would have paid .99 if the colors I needed were in stock for a different name brand. Guess what, my $5 bows are the same exact ones as the $20+ bows! By this time, I was starving and needing to head back to the gym for the kid. I ate Panera, picked up the gymnast, and headed home for a much needed nap. As if running around town, wasn’t enough, I decided to have pool time with the kiddo too. Come to think of it, she didn’t put up much of a fuss to go to bed tonight. MUWA HAHA!

Now, if I can keep my rear-end at home these next two days after dropping the gymnast off to finish my baby crafts…that would be great. (Can you tell I love movie references?!)


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