No Fashion For You

I’ve noticed an annoying trend among department stores while pregnant. They have removed all of the maternity clothing sections, or if not removed it; reduced the section to 2 racks located within the “plus” size/full woman section. First of all, how incredibly insensitive it is to group maternity clothes within the plus sized clothing section. Pregnant women are growing babies, not overweight. Secondly, women’s pregnant bodies expand differently. We need to be able to try on the maternity clothes. When the store has removed their maternity clothing line to “online only”, how in the world are women to know if it will fit them correctly?! My experience with this has been exhausting. Not to mention, if you shop at “maternity stores”; you are paying for overpriced, frumpy, and limited styled clothing. Oh, what’s the difference in these 3 shirts? One has buttons on the neckline, one has a scoop neck, and the other is a V neck. Those are some overwhelming choices!

If you want some sort of fashionable maternity clothes, be prepared to order online and break the bank. Especially, for a nice outfit for maternity pictures.

And that is what brings me to write this post. In two weeks I have my maternity pictures. I would like to look and feel beautiful with my clothing choice. Since I live on the coast, coastal themed pictures are a must. I want my outfit to reflect that. I ordered a beachy, pink maxi maternity dress. It was regularly priced at $80, but I purchased it on sale for $35. When I received it, I loved the color, cut, and detail. Once I began handling it to wash it, I noticed it was incredibly thin material. I tried it on…the dress was see through! I’m talking about leaving nothing to the imagination. I was furious! I can’t imagine if I had paid full price. I am hoping to return the dress and get my money back. I wrote the company an email detailing my dissatisfaction.

However, that left me without an outfit for my pictures. I found another dress from H&M’s online maternity line. I read several reviews from women that noted H&M’s sizing runs super small. I didn’t want to take any chances; I ordered the same dress in two sizes. I found the sizing to be correct with what I normally buy. So, I will have to return the larger size at the store. My one annoyance with the dress, is the thinness of the material. It isn’t as sheer as the last one ( thank goodness); but it is still thinner/ more revealing than I would prefer. I am going to stick with the dress and try to find a maternity slip to go under it. But how annoying! I know it is hot, but sheer clothing isn’t the answer.

I’ve noticed a number of women don flowy, sheer maternity gowns for maternity pictures. But what about the women that would like to be a little more modest and fashionable? Don’t get me wrong, my modestly level isn’t on par with the Duggar’s. However, I don’t want to be showing my pregnant lady bits either. Is that so hard to request?

Yeah, apparently so.

4 thoughts on “No Fashion For You

  1. Since Gap changed their skinny jeans to a thinner material, I’ve been unhappy with them. I have a couple Old Navy styles I like. I used to wear nothing but Levis, especially when riding horses. I have a muscular bottom and thighs that can be difficult to fit into jeans…and not rip them. 😄


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