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As usual, I am having technology issues. To my Facebook readers, I have no idea why my blog is disconnecting from Facebook. I have reconnected the accounts several times, just after a couple of publications, they disconnect again without any notification. Yet, some people are able to see the posts in their newsfeed. I believe the more Facebook readers that ‘like, comment, or share’ the posts; the more my publications will “pop up” in your newsfeed. I will have my tech guy (uh, the husband) try to figure out the issue though. My husband will probably just say Facebook is censoring my awesome writing. Haha! To my WordPress readers and fellow bloggers, any suggestions? Are y’all having the same issue? Also, please continue to ‘like & comment’ with any suggestions regarding my posts, topics, etc. I am always up for constructive criticism.

I know I haven’t been discussing my fitness that much. Honestly, I haven’t been able to schedule in more than a pre-natal yoga video most mornings since I pulled my daughter from pre-school in May. I had high hopes to continue working out in the gym and staying in shape as best as possible. Unfortunately, I have found it difficult keeping up a fitness routine with her summer homeschool schedule, gymnastics camp, Occupational Therapy appointments, and midwife appointments. Normally, I would go for a run up to the playground and workout while the kiddo plays, then run back. However, it has been so hot that if you do not get out before 10am; you are dying out there. A 4 mile run probably isn’t considered healthy while pregnant either. And guess when all of my appointments and camp drop off times are…yeah…prime morning exercise time. In the afternoon, it is unbearably hot, storming, or both. The evenings are just as hot and the only time I have with my husband once the kiddo is in bed. To stay in shape and keep the weight gain within the limit, I’ve been watching what I eat, doing the pre-natal yoga, swimming in the pool, and just keep moving. I know I’ve lost muscle tone, and that frustrates me. I worked incredibly hard to lose the fat and gain the muscle.

The husband and I have discussed setting up a basic home gym. A few free weights, a squat rack, bosu ball, etc. Nothing super fancy. I will not be able to continue my gym membership, since the gym hasn’t opened their childcare section. That was the big factor for me joining anyway. I will miss the social interaction and being able to ask for help when I needed it. Working out is important to me, so I have to do something that will help me achieve my fitness goals. Plus, the thought of not being able to work out regularly is a huge source of anxiety for me. At least, it has been during this pregnancy. Not having weights at home or a fitness routine has been rough for me. Especially, since I have been gaining weight at the maximum level, within the normal limits. (When we did the 3D ultrasound, the baby looked “meater” than the first born did. Haha! I think he might take after his father and be a chunky baby.)

We have decided to give pre-school another chance. Not the same pre-school, obviously. After the hostility and lack of concern of the situation, I could never feel like my child was safe there. The new pre-school is the same set up though, regarding to the half day program. She will only be going three days a week, instead of five. I asked our daughter if going to pre-school is something she would like to try again. She said yes, that she missed it. I’ve talked to the director extensively about SPD and how it relates to our daughter. The director has been great to work with. She is open to knowing more about SPD, how to educate kids with SPD, and including therapy within the classroom. She has reassured me that we will have open communication and if the school environment doesn’t work out, then it just doesn’t. She only wants the best for our daughter. Her whole demeanor was so refreshing! We definitely did not have that relationship with the previous school. I felt like I was always receiving the run around and half truth answers.With the kiddo going to pre-school, I will have a few hours alone with the new baby…and after awhile some time to exercise too.

Some of my future posts will reflect more of my crafty side. I don’t know what it is about pregnancy, but it puts me in a DIY/crafting mood. My crafts deal with the nautical nursery décor for the baby. I am making a nautical mobile, that will hang over his changing table. I have a fear about crib mobiles. I have a paint project to do with the big sister and one just for me. A minky baby blanket, some bibs, and a nursing cover. (Sewing is not my strong suit…like…I don’t know WTF I am doing. HAHA!) What is that quote? “If at first you don’t succeed, try, try, try again.” Or Master Yoda say, “Do or do not, there is no try.” Anyway, I keep doing sewing projects in hopes of getting better. There will be by step pictures, kinda like a tutorial…and some blood, sweat, tears, and possibly some cuss words.


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