My Apologizes…

Tonight’s post is a total dud. I didn’t want to be MIA though. I have an awesome post that I was planning on publishing tonight. It will be published on Monday instead.

I am feeling under the weather this evening. No worries! My supper had onions in it, although I tried picking most of them out, I ate enough to make me feel queasy. Also, I have had trouble sleeping this week too. I’ve become a super light sleeper and waking up by 2am, unable to go back to sleep. This week has been incredibly busy too. I think the combination has caught up to me. I will be taking the weekend to relax, recharge, and regroup to provide you awesome readers with an awesome post on Monday. Also, I have a midwife appointment Monday morning to provide y’all with a baby update.

Again, I am sorry for this lack of content tonight. 😦  Have a great weekend!

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