Back To Reality

As I type this post, I am watching my three year old make “gymnastic obstacle courses” for my husband. She has taken my throw pillows, yoga mat, blanket, pregnancy pillow, her kitchen 2 step stool, and various toys to make the course. She slowly goes through it to explain to Daddy how to properly complete the course. She even shouts encouragements at him and tells him “Great job, Daddy!” It is the cutest thing ever!

I was able to complete a peaceful pre-natal yoga video this morning. It felt so good to stretch out my achy muscles. The instructor says “make room for baby” several times, and it really feels like I do.

There is no mistaking that she attended gymnastics camp today. She has talked about it non-stop since her first camp, a couple of weeks ago. She has steadily been practicing her jumps, rolls, and tumbles. I think signing her up for formal lessons during the Fall/Winter session is a must, now. Today, she had a little scuffle with another camper. Actually, she was about to take her turn jumping down the trampoline, when a 6 year old boy hit her in the back. I didn’t see him hit her, but I noticed she arched her back and screamed at him. The assistant coach was in the process of standing up to help her on the trampoline at this same moment. The coach did see my daughter punch the boy in the shoulder, making him cry. They both had to sit in timeout for hitting and miss the last exercise. My daughter told the boy she was sorry for hitting, and told the head coach she was sorry again. She even told me she was sorry and added that she cried because she missed the last obstacle course. She hasn’t changed her story at all about the boy hitting her in the back first. So, I believe he did hit her first. She has always owned up to her misbehaviors. I have to admit, there is a small part of me that is proud of her for taking on a 6 year old boy. I bet the kid won’t hit her again. At the same time, it totally reminds me of myself and my husband. Her personality is so much like ours, it is scary. I also fear for her younger brother.

We are still working on completing the nursery. We still needed a chair. I had a coupon for that expired at the end of the month. A few weeks back, I noticed a super cute modern rocker that would be perfect for the nursery and in other rooms later. It was the perfect oatmeal color. Regular $350, on sale for $180. Unfortunately, it was sold out. I decided to check back on Wayfair to see if there were any similar chairs I would be happy with. I found one and sent the link to the husband with the coupon info. He agreed that the deal was too good to pass. Y’all the chair was an almost exact match of the other, but regularly priced at $600. It was on sale for $190, with my coupon and free shipping…we bought it for $170! In the same oatmeal color! I cannot wait to receive this chair. This money saving Mama is excited.

I also cannot express how much seeing the 3D ultrasound of our son has meant to me. I finally have a little face to put with the little person growing…kicking the mess…within me. Tomorrow, we have our childbirth class. Then the next week, I have my last 4 week check up, I will move into my 2 week check ups. Which makes me nervous, because that is when I went into labor last time. We still have to do the maternity pictures. Eek!

So much to do in an uncertain amount of time!



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