Simple Glance

This morning we were able to have a sneak peak of our baby boy. We had our 3D ultrasound appointment. While he was in an odd position, he offered us some amazing views of his adorable face and feet. This 3D went a lot better than the one we had with our daughter. She only offered us an ear, partial chin, and partial lips and nose views. However, looking back on those images; you can see the resemblance of her tiny features. We wanted our daughter to be involved and experience the ultrasound too. She is ready to meet her baby brother in person. I must admit, I am too. Seeing the 3D images made me reflect on my first moments meeting our daughter. Holding her tiny body, observing her tiny features, and giving her tiny kisses. Being able to do that once more with this baby is exciting. Being able to watch our daughter bond with her baby brother will be exciting too. Yet another avenue to watch her personality to grow and develop.

I also had one of my best friends come for visit too. Our visits are never long enough. It is always so hard to tell her bye. Even the kiddo has a hard time telling her bye. We just love her so much! We saw The Secret Life of  Pets this afternoon. It was a super cute movie. I thought the creators captured the many pet’s personalities very well, especially the cat. We also stuffed ourselves with Mexican food, brownies, and ice cream. I know we leave each other 10 pounds heavier. Haha!

I only have two more days with the husband before we are back to our daily grind. Monday is going to be hard on the kiddo and I. We miss Daddy while he is at work so much. Plus, the kiddo has gymnastics camp, so I will be kinda lonely. I’m used to having people around me 24/7 now. I guess I will have to seek solace by finishing up my childbirth book. 🙂


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