Staycation Week

How was your 4th of July holiday? We are technically still celebrating. Since the husband has the whole week off, we are trying to soak up as much fun with him as possible. It will be a while before we can spend this much time with him again.

We’ve been on a kick exploring the surrounding towns near Savannah. We know if we were to decide to make this area our permanent home, Savannah wouldn’t be for us. (No offense Savannah, but you need to get your crime under control.) We are country people. We enjoy the great outdoors. I want a couple of horses, a dog, and backyard chickens. So, with this new exploration, we stumbled upon the cute town of Richmond Hill. On July 2nd, the town’s historical society hosted Coffee & Cars. You walk around the town’s first kindergarten school that Henry Ford built. It is a museum honoring all the great contributions the Fords brought to the area. While seeing some of the local’s antique or exotic cars and sipping coffee. Later that evening, the town hosted their annual Independence Day celebration at a large park. The kiddo played on the playground for about 3 hours, with some breaks in there. We ate some yummy BBQ and ice cream. Somehow, the kiddo stayed awake and behaved for the 9 pm fireworks show. We didn’t get her into bed until 11 pm. Her normal bedtime is 7:30-8 pm! We had so much fun. We had to use Sunday to re-coop though.

On the 4th, we kept it low key. We swam in the pool. We ate ribs, coleslaw, baked beans, apple pie, and ice cream. We threw “pop its” at each other. Then, the husband requested his war movie; 13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi. (I really dislike watching war movies. They make me so emotional! However, the husband requests to watch war movies or shows on each holiday honoring our wars and veterans.)

Actually, we’ve been utilizing the pool every single day. I think I might be less pale! Now, do I still reflect the sun? Yes; but at least I wouldn’t blind you, like before. Haha!

Yesterday, we checked out the UGA Marine Extension and Aquarium Center on Skidaway Island. It was the perfect aquarium experience for a 3 year old. She was able to pet horseshoe crabs and other various crabs and shells. She saw a number of sea life exhibits. We even walked a short trail of the area (there is a longer trail). It was great being in nature and spending time with one another. We were home by lunch and squeezed in an evening swim!

I would say this has been a great little stay-cation. I’ve enjoyed watching movies and sleeping in with the husband. And the kiddo has been having a blast playing, doing projects, and watching tv with both of her parents. I wanted this Summer to be a wonderful time for us as a family of three, becoming a family of four. I think this week has accomplished this. We are so excited to welcome Baby Brother in a couple of months.

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