July 4th marks the day in 1776 the 13 colonies’ congress adopted the Declaration of Independence, which declared the colonies a new nation separate from the British.

A brief history lesson for those that might’ve forgotten why we celebrate July 4th. It scares/saddens me to watch the numerous “question average celebrating Americans on the history of why the holiday exists” shows. You know what I’m talking about…and the people are usually totally incoherent from alcohol that they barely know their name. Anyway, the holiday is much more than when the 13 colonies adopted the Declaration of Independence. At least, it is for me.

I tend to think about the “big” picture. I think about the brave men that fought so hard in their beliefs to lay down our foundation as a nation. I think about each and every war our nation has fought, whether it was within or internationally, and how brave the men and women have been to fight for our nation. We fight to keep our independence to this day. We have men and women all over the world, in dangerous situations, to protect our freedoms. Sometimes, I think we turn a blind eye to that, because it doesn’t have a direct impact on us. (Unless, you are the one experiencing that direct impact. As in, you are a veteran that has fought, an immediate relative is fighting/fought, etc.) There are men and women away from their families tonight, fighting to maintain our freedoms…that we internally argue over everyday. Now, I don’t want to get into political opinion debates. However, I do want us to realize that we have the freedom to even debate; because of these men and women fighting within our military. Let’s not forget them! Let’s not forget that 240 years ago, our brave Founding Fathers fought to establish this nation based on freedom. And every war fought since then, has been to maintain a certain amount of freedom. Men and women have died for us!  We are able to celebrate because of the sacrifice of many lives.

While we may not all agree on social, civil, or political opinions; we should all agree to be thankful for those that have fought for our freedoms. Whether that was 240 years ago, the years in between, or fighting right this moment…we need to be thankful and remember them.

Celebrate July 4th by remembering our freedom is not free at all. Men and women die every day to maintain our freedom.


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