Welcome To July

Whelp, it is officially July! This month is packed full of events for us. I’m sure, before I know it, I will be entering August. A busy month always seems to flash by.

This week is pretty awesome; because the husband has the entire week off of work. THE ENTIRE WEEK! The kiddo and I are thrilled to be able to spend so much time with him. Maybe we can start constructing the nursery, get some organization going on. Towards the end of the week, I have a friend visiting us. It will be nice for the kiddo and husband have Daddy-Daughter time, while I have some much needed girlfriend time.

The kiddo’s lesson plan for this week is patriotic themed. We will have a couple of crafts that involve shapes (stars, rectangles), scissor practice (cutting stripes), and colors (red, white, and blue). I am hoping to throw in different crafting mediums, like paint, chalk, and coloring pencils. As far as sensory exploration goes, we are going to try a fireworks show tomorrow. It will be crowded, loud, active, and past her bedtime. All the things that tend to overwhelm the kiddo’s SPD. It should be interesting to say the least. I hope she does well though.

Our lesson theme this week had to be postponed. We were going to study birds. I had a cute feeder craft to do, a bird watching activity, and bird seed sensory bin. However, the weather was stormy all week in the afternoons. I knew if we made the feeder the rain and wind would destroy the craft. I like to do the sensory bins outside, again it was wet and rainy. Our mornings were booked. So, we just did a few color by number pages and played with play-doh. My parents were visiting the first part of the week, so that only left Wednesday, Thursday, and today for lessons. Wednesday was her OT appointment, where she gets a sensory lesson with shapes and colors. She gave the therapist a hard time. Thursday, I felt like a freight train had ran over me. Wednesday night I couldn’t sleep, so I stayed up reading most of the night. Thursday, all I wanted was to sleep. Plus, my allergies were really bothering. I allowed her to watch PBS all day. Not one of my finer Mommy moments. So today, after a good night’s sleep, we bought groceries, played pretend, and worked on our colors, shapes, and counting while at the grocery store. I like to try to kill two birds with one stone. The husband came home early, since he worked late several days this week. We had the afternoon with him. It was fun having him pretend play too.

Before I know it the week will be over, the husband will go back to work, and my friend back home. Then gymnastics camp begins for a week. Then, I have a midwife appointment, a Montessori school tour, childbirth class, and hair appointment all back to back. We also plan on having a little Summer celebration over at our house, the in-laws are visiting, and then another gymnastics camp. So, yeah, this month will be over in a blink of the eye. I will need to find time to meal prep freezer meals for post birth sometime. Even the first part of August is busy for us with maternity photos and preparing for baby.

I am half way finished with my Guide To Childbirth book. I want to finish the Mindful Birth book too. I also have 2 Sensory Processing Disorder books to read too. So much reading…so little time. I’m sure if I have any more sleepless nights, I will find myself reading. However, I would rather sleep. Haha!

What are your 4th of July plans? I will blog about our plans on the 4th!

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