June, Where Did You Go?

The month of June has flown by! I cannot believe July will be here on Friday. {FRIDAY, PEOPLE!} I’m sure it has everything to do with being so busy. July will be the same. Which makes me feel like this pregnancy is also speeding past me. I keep thinking, “Oh, I have months to go!” Realistically, I have 2 months (& a week) to go. {JUST 2 MONTHS!} However, with my last pregnancy experience, I didn’t quite complete the length. Once I hit 36 weeks, every week afterwards will be a shocker. I definitely feel like the midwives are more thorough than my previous OB ever was…with all of his technology. I mean, the guy thought my daughter was my second child and didn’t have anything to say about the hemorrhaging after delivery. As with all of the previous appointments with him, he barely had time to do the post check up. Due to that, I have a number of unanswered concerns that the midwives couldn’t possibly answer. Was my pre-term labor due to OB office error? – It seems so, since they changed my due date 3 times; never informing us.- Or should I be concerned with pre-term labor? While, I know the OB physically pulled out my placenta, was that the true cause of my hemorrhage? – Again, this seems the obvious cause for my unexplained hemorrhage after a healthy pregnancy and delivery.- Or could I hemorrhage again, because that is the way I am? So, I just have to have faith in the midwifery model of care I am being provided with. While it seems minimalistic compared to the array of tests, ultrasounds, and procedures of normal OB care; the midwives have provided me with so many more answers than my previous care provider did. The midwives ask questions, have explanations to my questions, and keep me informed of any signs to be on the outlook for. It makes me feel that they genuinely care about me and the baby. I am not just another profitable patient. And that gives me the reassurance I need to feel cared for the midwifery model of care. One high tech thing we are choosing to do, is the 3d ultrasound. We did it with our daughter, and although she was totally uncooperative; we did get a few glimpses of her ear, chin, and lips. To look at those images now, and see the resemblance of the features is remarkable. So, we want to do that again…hopefully this boy will be more cooperative. The ultrasound isn’t medically informative in anyway.

I’m at that point of pregnancy where I get up multiple times to potty at night. It isn’t that big of a surprise, since I drink 70-72 oz of water and increase that on super hot days. I wake up so hot, even though the husband keeps the house cold at night. Oh, and the hip pain has begun. I wake up at night with stiff, sore hips. I feel like I am constantly switching sides. This week something blooming has my allergies on the fritz, even the kid and husband have the sniffles. Of course, they can take allergy medications. While I am suffering through a stuffy, runny nose, sneezing, itchy throat, and sinus drainage. Pregnancy always increases my allergy reactions. I am surviving on hot tea, tissues, and throat/cough drops.

A super cool thing about this pregnancy that I didn’t experience last time is, belly movements. Last pregnancy I was so overweight, that I couldn’t see my belly move with the baby. (Lord knows I felt her internally though. So much so, I had bruised ribs!) This baby is more of a flip-flopper and stretcher, not so much actual kicking. He will give a few good kicks every so often; but it is mainly stretching out a limb here, there, and everywhere. I finally have felt little rhythmic hiccups, and those frustrate him. He really begins to move and delivers some kicks then. But it is funny to sit and watch my belly shift to his movement, or have a book resting on my belly and it gets knocked off. Sometimes, I can watch his foot move all the way across my belly. The husband finds it pretty funny too.

I was hoping to register the kiddo for swim lessons this Summer. However, it isn’t going to happen. Next year, I know I will need to sign her up in April or May for a class in June or July. July is booked for us, and I would like to keep August as plan free as possible, just in case I do go into labor. Plus, I don’t want to over do it either and will be going to midwife appointments every two weeks, then every week. Of course, September is out of the question since that is when the baby is due. Oh, well. She has a blast swimming around wearing her Puddle Jumper floatie for right now. I don’t allow her out of my sight near the pool or in the backyard anyways.

I am trying to finish reading Guide To Childbirth. I’m halfway through it. So, I will sign off now, in hopes to read a few chapters tonight. This book is so inspiring and encouraging, that I have a hard time putting it down to go to sleep. But, if I don’t want to be a grumpy mommy, I need my sleep.



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