Dory Has Been Found!

We found Dory yesterday. Can you believe she was at the movie theaters this whole time?!

I took my daughter and our teen neighbor to see Finding Dory. Our neighbor is a super sweet girl, that reminds me of myself…a lot. She is so polite and responsible! She is great with the kiddo and does some occasional babysitting for us. I mentioned taking my daughter and she said she wanted to see the movie too. So, I invited her to come with us. I always welcome extra help and company. 🙂

(Actually, both of our neighbors are sweet as can be. It has been such a delightful experience! While I would prefer to live in the country so I can have horses, chickens, and a garden, this neighborhood has been great. It even has alligators –a 9’8″ and 6′ was captured 2 days ago– we count those as our pets right now. Our property backs right up to a lagoon. We have turtles, cranes, snakes, and the occasional gator. Although the neighborhood doesn’t have signs that tell me not to swim in the lagoons, common sense tells me to stay out and to keep the kid away from the water’s edge. We love to go for walks and see what we see and throw some bread out to the turtles.) Back to my story…

My daughter watches Finding Nemo, at least, once a week. She isn’t big on the Disney Princess movies. She does like Brave though. She also loves Monsters Inc., Lilo and Stitch, and all of the Toy Storys. Even though these movies are her favorites, she still has a hard time sitting still and watching the entire movie. I was nervous that halfway through the movie, she was going to want to move around. I bought a large popcorn…and coke (yeah, I know). You wouldn’t know my daughter has a Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD), because it is so minor. She just has a few quirks about her, that I thought was her personality; but now know they are due to the SPD. One of those quirks is coke (or “soda” or “pop” for non-southern people). She hates the carbonation. Something about the fizzy bubbles, whether it is the texture or sensation, gives her a bit of a sensory overload. So, I brought her water and a small bowl to help her hold the popcorn better. She also prefers to drink from a straw, rather than the cup. She can drink from the cup; but I find just allowing her to drink from a straw is easier and less messy for her. Just another little SPD quirk. Another SPD quirk, is loud or crowded environments easily overwhelm her auditory processing center within the nervous system. Theaters are obviously loud areas. I was afraid the noise would scare her or be too loud for her. She did great though! Initially, a few action previews startled her; but with some reassurance she settled down. (Poor thing couldn’t keep the chair folded down. So, she sat with her legs slightly bent toward her. I tried helping her with the seat, but she wanted to do it herself. I just let her deal with it.) She ate a ton of popcorn, -I’ll buy the tub size, next time.- sat quietly, and soaked it all in. She became restless the last 15 minutes. She told me she was tired (it was nearing her nap), ran out of popcorn, and needed to pee. I thought ahead and put a Pull Up on her just incase if she decided not to tell me and pee her pants. She didn’t though! She held it until after the movie. During her restless moment, I could tell the SPD kicking in more. She told me the movie was loud and she was very in tuned with the background noises of the movie and people around us. I just put her in my lap and snuggled her to make her feel secure. Overall, she was one of the youngest kids in there and did well for her first time. There are always going to be kids talking, parents playing on their phones, etc. for kid’s movies. I would say she was one of the better behaved kids in there. (There was one kid that kept throwing a tantrum for candy and a couple of parents that wouldn’t turn the sound off of their phones. Ugh, the constant beep-booping of the keys were fairly annoying. My parenting philosophy for movie going is: we don’t do it a lot, so let your kid have whatever (s)he wants. If it is overpriced candy…fine…popcorn…fine…coke…fine. Unless there is a true medical reason, just make the kid happy for the movie instead of arguing with them about it. I just don’t think it is worth it.)

I really enjoyed the movie. It will most likely find it’s way into our collection. We need Monsters University too. I haven’t looked hard for it, but need to add that to the collection as well. Also, since I was teaching The Ocean this week, I thought watching the two movies were appropriate and fun. Today we worked on counting and colors with a colorful Fruit Loop Octopus craft. I was hoping to go outside and play with the water table as a sensory play. However, we were so busy buying groceries, a few things for the baby, a few things for the daughter, and looked for a suit for Daddy (a suit store is closing); we just didn’t have time for all the teaching today. Yesterday afternoon, we worked on a coloring page to focus on her pencil grip and coloring within the lines. It didn’t go quite as well, but it had been a big day for her again. Next week, we are studying Birds. I need to run by the library to check out a couple of bird books for us to read during story time. I like to include an educational one and a fun/silly one. We are also going to make a bird seed feeder craft out of toilet paper rolls and yarn. She should love that as well!

Here’s to a relaxing weekend swimming in the pool and preparing for next week’s pre-school/homeschool summer camp theme!


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