a99476f4608e40bc8fb29817c3976940Yay, I passed my glucose test! No gestational diabetes for me and baby! My iron and vitamin D were fine too. I made sure to buy pre-natal vitamins with iron; because I tend to be right on the edge of low iron. Since my last bloodwork, before pregnancy, where my iron was on the low side; I’ve made it a point to eat more iron rich foods. Red meat, spinach, raisins, apricots, etc. Foods rich in vitamin C help the body to absorb iron too. So, I make sure I try to combine the two. Strawberry-Pineapple Spinach smoothies, tomatoes on my spinach salads, broccoli with any red meat meal, etc. I try to stay away from breakfast cereals, although they are fortified with iron. Cereals are also full of processed sugars, flours, and such. I do like a bowl of Raisin Bran, especially if constipation appears. Back to the glucose test though. I don’t mind the taste of the drink. I always drink orange, because it reminds me of flat Sunkist. Haha! Again, soft drinks are something I try not to indulge in often. Even when I drink sweet tea, I usually ask for half sweet, half unsweet. Mostly, I drink water. So, the sugar drink for the test totally hyped me and the baby up. Within 10 minutes the baby was drop kicking my bladder and flip-flopping all over. The drink also leaves a strange sugary coating in my mouth. Luckily, I brought water with me to try to swish some of that coating away. Blah! Side effect of the glucose test: total sugar crash. I usually need a nap around 2pm everyday, which I will take a 30 minute one. I was cranky and needing a nap by noon on Monday. I made sure my lunch had protein to combat the crash, but the sugar was too much. My nap wasn’t any where near enough time either. I could have slept the whole afternoon.

Yesterday, I had an appointment at a consignment store to have some items looked at to be bought. I checked and doubled checked the items to make sure there were no rips or stains; all of the items were in excellent to very good used condition. I had 2 containers of girl clothing, 1 container of bedding/changing table type stuff, a medium box full of infant girl toys and equipment, a exerciser/walker, highchair, stroller, convertible car seat, and a boutique namebrand diaperbag in great condition. The place was much picker than I had anticipated on the items. They bought all the winter clothes and boutique clothing sets, but passed on a great selection of shorts and shirts, even pjs. They passed on a complete bedding set and breathable mesh bumpers. They tried to pass on the diaperbag too. I ended up putting the diaperbag, stroller, highchair, and car seat on consignment. They wanted the items for dirt cheap, after giving me a price of $53 cash or $70 store credit for the other items. Since I drove 45 minutes over there, I looked around and decided to use the store credit. I bought a bassinet, gymnastics leotards, and a newborn bow tie for the baby’s newborn photos. I hope the items I put on consignment sell quickly and for top price. While it wasn’t as much money as I had hoped, it is better than no money or all of it sitting in my formal living room. The trip allowed me to run over to our pool people to have our pool water levels tested and have an interesting lunch date with my daughter. One thing about my daughter, and husband, for the love of all things Holy; DO NOT ask for their opinions, unless you want the cold hard truth. I mean it! The lunch place was actually a pizza and sub spot. After we sat down and ordered, the waitress came back to tell us the pizza oven was broken. My daughter really wanted a cheese pizza. She agreed to a grilled cheese sandwich and apples instead. She was disappointed in the grilled cheese. They got fancy with it and put several types of cheeses on it; but forgot to flip it. So one side was very grilled. She ate half of it, her apples, and tried the homemade pickle wedge. The waitress asked her how’d she like her grilled cheese. My 3 year old loudly replied, “It sucks! So gross!” The waitress managed a “Oh no”, before having to walk off to laugh. I was mortified and proud. I’m glad my daughter honestly replied, used the word “sucks” in correct context; however, a different word choice would have been preferred. Of course, she could have said a lot worse. Her father is known to say, “This tastes like sh!t. or What is this sh!t?” Yeah, she could have said a lot worse. I now know we use the word “sucks” around her too often and hopefully by ignoring her using it and us not using it; she won’t use it in the future. I doubt it though.

Keeping with our busy schedule, we loaded up this morning to go to 2 doctors appointments. We had our occupational therapy first. Then, had to go to the pediatrician for a Hep B vaccine. I thought she received that in Alabama along with the Hib vaccine, because that pediatrician office only had it as a combo. However, only the Hib vaccine was recorded on her immunization form, not the combo vaccine. So, to legally say she is fully immunized for a state licensed pre-school, we needed to get that. I’m not sure she will be going back to a pre-school after the fiasco we endured with the first one. I am talking with a Montessori pre-school though. Hopefully, we can tour that soon and see if there are any availabilities. The thought of sending her to another pre-school worries me. The OT and I have been working so hard to reverse some the behavior the previous pre-school exacerbated with her sensory disorder. However, I know she needs the social aspect of pre-school too. She loved gymnastics camp; and I hope to put her in a class for the Fall session. I am also looking into soccer too. The OT encourages both of these activities for her.

Tomorrow, we are going to the theaters to watch Finding Dory. I am hoping with plenty of popcorn, she will sit still and watch the movie. This will be her first theater experience. We are studying the ocean this week. I thought Finding Dory was appropriate for her. Shark Week does begin this weekend, I think. That might not be as appropriate. I wish we lived near an aquarium; but the closest one is in Charleston. I’m not up for that drive alone. Haha! Friday we shall conquer grocery shopping. As my husband says, “I sleep when I’m dead, I guess.”

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