Sugar Check!

I had my 28/29 week midwife appointment, along with the glucose testing this morning. I hired my sweet neighbor to watch the kiddo during this appointment, because it takes over a hour. When you check in for your appointment, you receive a small clipboard with a form to record your patient info such as weight, height, name, date, and any concerns you may have. You also have to leave a urine sample and check your own blood pressure. I enjoy being able to do all of that myself, just to know the info is correct. Today, I had to chug the glucose drink and wait a hour for the blood draw. They also blood typed me and checked my iron and Vitamin D levels. I should receive my results in a day or two. I have been impressed with how thorough and informed they have kept me. I didn’t know my blood type from the previous OB because (surprise, surprise) they messed that up too.

I am measuring 29 weeks per my fundal height measurement. Of course, that can be off + or – 3cm. One thing that did disappointment me, my midwife mentioned my weight gain for these 4 weeks. I gained a pound a week and it should only be a half pound. As I’ve mentioned before, I’ve been frustrated at not being able to workout as much or intensely as I had been two months ago. All of the morning errand running each week, kid camp, and travels to Alabama; has made it difficult to maintain a workout routine. When I do have the chance to workout, it isn’t anywhere near the intensity I would like. While I might workout for a hour, I am continuously stopping to see what my daughter needs, to move so she won’t be in the way, etc. It distracts me and I end up just quitting out of frustration. For the future, I am going to tweak my diet and try to go for a 30 minute walk each evening, especially if I don’t have the chance to workout in the morning. Hopefully making those small changes will regulate my weight gain. I am still within the normal range, just at the top of it. I definitely do not want to break out of the normal range though!

Overall, the baby boy and I are healthy and tracking on time. I feel like time is passing by so quickly. I only have one more 4 week check up and I move to two week intervals. I feel like I just announced the pregnancy, but it is almost over!

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