Sweatin’ Like A Pig

Actually, pigs have very few sweat glands. The glands do not help in regulating their body temperatures very well. So, I’m not sure why we say “Sweatin’ like a pig.” I grew up hearing (and my personal favorite), “Hotter than a whore in church.” Because you always knew that one lady who was sleeping around with a few others’ husbands, yet was trying to be holier than thou in church. …ah, the small town life.

Gosh, it was a hot one today! The temp gauge in my “mom mobile” registered at 102 F! I’m about 28/29 weeks pregnant (on Monday), and I am always sweating. Or as my daughter says “fetty”. Haha! She completed her week of gymnastics camp today too. She was having a blast swinging on the bars when I arrived to pick her up. I am having to be careful about monitoring my water intake with the constant sweating. I aim for 70-72 oz daily. I find it hard to reach that amount when I am running errands though. Potty breaks galore! And it sucks to be sitting in traffic and having to pee. I know, I had to this morning when a big box truck broke down on the overpass bridge in the left lane at rush hour, making an extremely busy and congested road even worse.

There was a good thunderstorm this evening, which should cool things down tomorrow for our beach trip. Yay! One of the tasks on my to do list that I need to accomplish soon is cleaning the pool. Every time it rains or the wind blows, the trees drop tons of debris in it. It is such a pain to keep clean. If I ever decide to build my own pool, I will not have one single tree near it. I will also put a cover on it and have the cool automatic vacuum system put in. Well, worth the money! Or you can just make your handsome husband go clean it for you while you kick back on the lounge chair, sipping on water, and cat call him. Haha!

I can’t wait for tomorrow though. I just love relaxing on the beach and watching my husband and daughter play in the water. What are y’all’s Father’s Day plans for the weekend?



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