Checking of Tasks

I’ve been trying to cross off a few items off of my “to do” list. I have several going; categorized into cleaning, organization, cooking, and etc. This week marked my daughter’s first gymnastics camp adventure. Today was day 3, and she seemed more relaxed and confident about taming the obstacle course. She is the youngest of the group, most of the kids are 6-8 yrs. old. She tries so hard to keep up though! Although the gym is only 11 miles away from our house, it takes about 40 minutes to get there due to traffic. I would call it rush hour traffic, but the sections of interstate I travel are always congested. Not only is there a lot of traffic, but people drive like morons and cause accidents all the time. I cannot tell you how many times I have nearly been rear-ended or ran off the road; because someone is too preoccupied on their phone to properly drive. That is my biggest pet-peeve. Don’t drive and play on your phone, people. It is too dangerous! Anyway, the whole trip takes me nearly a hour and a half, morning and afternoon. It does give me almost 3 hours to accomplish some things around the house, kid-free. (Glorious!)

Our downstairs toilet quit flushing on Sunday, after our trip. Yesterday we finally had a plumber come out to fix it. Whew, I took for granted that toilet…especially when I drink about 70 oz of water daily. Yeah, I get a lot of exercise just going back and forth to the potty. Monday and yesterday consisted of a lot stair climbing to potty. I tried to do things upstairs, so I would be near the bathroom. Unfortunately most of my items needed to be done downstairs, like laundry, dishes, etc. I am so thankful to have that toilet fixed.

Today, I was able to sit down and write a few thank you notes for the baby shower. To me, there is nothing more meaningful than a handwritten thank you note. I tend to be a more traditional person. These days, it seems receiving any type of thank you is a miracle, especially from younger people. I constantly work with my daughter to remind her ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ is important.

Last night I went to bed at 10, then woke up at 3am (yay…3rd trimester potty problems!), went right back to sleep, and woke up around 5am. I’m telling you, that sleep felt like a 15 minute nap! It was over so quick. I also slept on my right side the whole time. So, when I woke up, my hip was stiff and hurting. I was hobbling around, needing a walker. Thankfully, moving around and loosing it up eventually resolved the pain. Last pregnancy, all of my woes were heartburn and rib pain. So, I’ll take the extra potty breaks and stiff hips. I am hoping my pre-natal yoga will help with the hips though.

I am super excited about this weekend, which is Father’s Day too. We plan on spending a relaxing morning at the beach and grabbing some lunch, probably on Hilton Head. We always enjoy spending time together at the beach. Plus, I can’t wait to give the husband his Father’s Day gifts from the kiddo and I. We think they are pretty awesome, if we say so ourselves! Husband deserves a relaxing weekend. He works so hard to provide for us while I go through this season of being a stay-at-home mom. We are so thankful for him!



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