Tea Time & Baby Shower

Over the weekend, I drove back to Alabama with the husband and kid to attend my tea luncheon/baby shower. They planned on staying in Ga., but the postal service lost some important paperwork. Any reprint of the paperwork requires in person pick up. That was pretty frustrating. So, they tagged along too. (Besides, what toddler doesn’t want to visit her grandparents with an awesome backyard playhouse/swing set/slide combo?!) This was our last trip back until the baby arrives anyway.

{FYI: The midwife told me so. Yesterday when we arrived back home, my feet were swollen, I was plain tired, and somewhat dehydrated. I helped unpack, began some laundry, and decided to go grocery shopping. Husband didn’t like the idea of me going alone because he knew I was so tired. I should’ve just let him go. I began having Braxton-Hicks contractions in the store. Then, we decided to pick up a pizza for supper. Bad idea…the pizza didn’t agree with me. I spent this morning feeling very, very, very sick. I’ve learned my lesson…I will keep my road trips to 2 hours.}

My mother-in-law and I have a unique relationship. I usually hear how dysfunctional the mother/daughter-in-law dynamic can be, always some barrier existing. However, my MIL has been welcoming from day one, when her son introduced me to his family. (That was a big deal, because he never brought home a girl before.) I’ve experienced many “firsts” with her; like mani/pedis, fancy restaurants, and sewing projects. We love to try new restaurants our husbands refuse to try and shopping, especially while on vacation. We swap books, articles, and such.  I’m pretty sure I text her more than my husband does. She was there to help me when I was navigating the early moments of motherhood. It just seems we are always thinking of one another. Not to say we haven’t had a difference of opinions on things, but we always talk through them and come out stronger. So that leads into the baby shower. We had another first, by experiencing a tea luncheon/baby shower.

The baby shower was absolutely wonderful! (Hats were optional, but I like to stick to tradition.) It was hosted at a lovely tea house. I cannot rave enough about this place! You pick your own tea cup. Then you pick from their tea menu. I had the Earl Gray Cream decaf. They had black teas, herbal teas, and a few other types of tea that I don’t know how to explain. (If it is more than sweet tea, I don’t know about it.) You are served a lunch, which you choose between a quiche or crepe and a salad type or soup. That day they were serving a cream of mushroom chicken crepe or a ham and cheddar quiche and a broccoli salad or a chilled strawberry soup. I love quiche, and now, chilled strawberry soup. Another course comes out, a 3 tiered display of scones, tea biscuits, 3 types of finger sandwiches, and 3 types of dessert bites. You are absolutely stuffed after all of that.

It was such a pleasure to celebrate this baby with a few friends and my husband’s family. I would have loved to invite more, however; it was planned within 2 weeks and the venue could only accommodate a small number in that amount of time. Later, I was able to meet up with a sweet friend for supper too. I always enjoy catching up with her and was delighted she happened to be in town. I wish I had more time to meet and celebrate with others so dear to me, but this trip just didn’t offer anymore.

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