**BABY SHOWER info at the bottom! The post is awesome though!**


This is me, in my full 26/27 weeks glory…& favorite maternity outfit. I wear those maternity athletic pants at least 3 times a week, possibly in a row. I found them on a 30% off clearance rack at Motherhood Maternity. Regularly priced at $50, marked down to $30, and an additional 30% off…I couldn’t say no. Best purchase ever! I’m washing them today, to wear Friday. Also, I haven’t washed my hair in 3-4 days. Not because my mom life is so hectic, but because I have a slight lazy side and just don’t. (My hair guru, possibly hair god, says I have amazingly healthy hair, btw.) My make-up consists of leftover eyeliner and mascara from Sunday. Again, because I just don’t feel like wearing it all the time. Yeah, I am balancing on my tub. I’ve shrunk to 5’1″. So to get all of my pants in the pic, I had to stand on something tall enough. This is me.

My last post was me opening up about my struggle with a negative body image, especially being pregnant. How I feel ashamed about slacking off my fitness and diet routines. It just shows everyone has areas within their life they are insecure about. And some people have more than one area with insecurities. Lord knows I wonder about my mothering ability, wife ability, and numerous other things.  The only thing I can do is pray about my insecurities, for God to guide me where I fall short, and change what I can. I can only prepare so much, the rest is up to God.

I have 3 months, or 14 weeks, or 96 days left in this pregnancy. How ever you want to break it down, Delivery Is Coming. (Totally read that as GOT) There are obvious things you have to do to prepare for the baby…nursery (we picked the room), baby gear/supplies (leftovers from the first born sitting in said room), and maybe signing up for a child birthing class (signed up last night). Some even include having baby showers in the “obvious things” to prepare for baby. I haven’t had that yet more on that later though. Ok, so I haven’t done much of the obvious things. You would think I would kick my rear-end into gear and accomplish some of those “obvious” tasks at hand. During my first pregnancy, I couldn’t wait to decorate the nursery. I painted the walls, the husband ripped out the carpet and laid down bamboo flooring, we assembled baby furniture, we hung decorations, I was sewing the curtains, and all of that happened during the 7th month. We thought we had plenty of time…a month, at least. I had my baby shower at 35 weeks, and gave birth the next week. Time was not on our side. I didn’t even finish my child birthing classes. You would think I would be even more prepared than last time. Don’t worry, I will have a hospital, or birth center, bag packed this time…hopefully. Hmmm, something to add to the list. Deep down, I know I can order all of my necessities off my Amazon Baby Registry list, in 2 days have it, and make hubby set it up; if baby came early. I have a playard with a bassinet feature I can stick by our bed for baby if push came to shove. I have a few outfits too.

To me, that stuff isn’t as important as preparing for childbirth. I believe some women ignore that factor until labor appears, the due date is a couple of weeks away, or totally ignore it. I think preparing yourself for childbirth sets the whole tone for when baby arrives. What do I mean by preparing for childbirth? I’m not talking about freezer meals (although I will start making those soon), exercises targeting labor specific muscles, or having a healthy diet. Although all of those things would make the actual birthing process easier.20160607_075932 Check out that delish breakfast! Peach, grapes, strawberries topped with vanilla greek yogurt and granola. MOUTH WATERING! & my go-to

I’m talking, mentally. You need to prepare your mind, heart, and soul for the adventure of birthing a child. It isn’t an easy feat. So I often wonder why so many women ignore the mental aspect of birth. The most important task I can do is mentally prepare for all the sensations I will experience during childbirth. I’m not shy about wanting an un-medicated, vaginal birth in a birth center with a midwife. I have my reasonings behind this desire, and if anything, the sh!tty experience of my first hospital with an OB birth is example enough. Even with that birth, I prepared for the unknown sensations to come. I wasn’t prepared to almost die though. No matter what type of birth you desire to have, you need to mentally prepare for it. If I knew I wanted a C-section, I would mentally prepare for it. How do you do that? I read books, blogs, and articles that support my desire of an un-medicated, vaginal, midwife led birth. I throw some unplanned complications in there too, to prepare unforeseen circumstances. I watch documentaries and YouTube videos on those births. I’ve watched countless videos on water births, homebirths, birth center births, hypno-births, orgasmic births, and even outdoor births…all with the commonality of the women being un-medicated and the delivery being vaginally. I can say I would not describe birth as orgasmic. I did not hit that level of focus. I study their determination, focus, breathing, movements, positions, facial expressions, and sounds. There are many books out there to read, but the two I recommend are:

If you only pick one, read Guide To Childbirth. I read to the third chapter before I gave birth last time. I cannot wait to fully read it this time. But it gave me so much inspiration and knowledge to fight for my birthing desires. Ina May Gaskin is a world renown midwife, so full of information about a physiological birth. I love her quote, “Your body is not a lemon.” She even has advice for when things don’t go according to plan during childbirth and how to mentally prepare for that possibility. I am reading Mindful Birth, right now. I am learning how to mediate and be “mindful”. Honestly, I think the concept of “mindfulness” can be applied to a lot more than just birth, but all aspects of our life. There’s a chapter on that! I’ve been working on applying it to my relationships and insecurities. Meditation is difficult, but the more you mindfully do it, the easier it is. I still struggle with a wandering mind during meditation, and even prayer. But still stick with it. Some of the mental exercises to teach you to mediate are a little odd, but worth it. I also listen to Christian music…a lot. I have a Labor playlist that I listen to over and over. I fill it with encouraging songs that I think will give me the extra boost I may need to stay focused on birthing this baby. Lastly, the most important way I mentally prepare, is to pray to God. He is my Rock, Provider, and Foundation! I pray daily for guidance on the materials to read, watch, and listen. I pray for strength, clarity, focus, determination, and inner peace with any outcome during birth. Above all, I pray for His Will to be done for me and the baby. That’s how I mentally prepare for childbirth.

**Now, earlier, I talked about a baby shower. I will not be able to blog on Friday, because I am traveling to Alabama. My thoughtful (and precious) mother-in-law is hosting a lovely little baby shower/tea luncheon for me. It was a short notice/quickly planned shower, so I did not get to invite everyone I would have liked. But so meaningful for my mother-in-law to think of me and go through the trouble to plan such a quick shower. After this trip to Alabama, I will be staying close to Savannah. So, this will be the only baby shower I have. My midwife has advised me to limit my traveling to 3-4 hours now (Alabama is 6 hrs), and at 30 weeks limit the traveling to 2 hours. Then, suggested to “stay in town” around 36 weeks due to my pre-term labor experience last time. I am going against her advice this time, but will stick to it from on out. Scouts Honor. Pinkie Promise.


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