Life & Book Review

It has stormed here every afternoon this week. Anytime around 3 to 4pm, suddenly thunder begins to rumble, lightening pops, the wind blows, and giant raindrops start to fall. The storm is raging around you before you know it. Then your afternoon outside learning time after a nap is cancelled. Bummer for the kiddo and me (& our packages that the UPS man leaves at our front door on the water logged porch, although I am home and could take them in immediately if he would knock on our door). Yeah, that happened yesterday. Also, I was b*tching to my husband about our bank sending me my new debit card, but not my new PIN number. So my debt card was expired and I couldn’t use it yesterday. Yeah, I misread the instructions. Now, you call to activate your card and receive your new PIN. Ahhhh, technology is ever outdating me. I feel bad about the not-so nice words I said about our bank. ūüė¶ While annoyed, hubby did think it was funny too. He knows the bigger my belly grows, the more I lose my mind. As my child says, “Happens.”

Speaking of the child, we are learning about dinosaurs this week. She has been enjoying the coloring, books, movies (Does Land Before Time count as educational?) and imaginative play. I have a sensory bin and figures for her to use today…but it’s supposed to rain. And I had to use this morning to go search for gymnastic leotards, so if I didn’t find any at a reasonable price, I can order a few online later. (Lucky me, I found 3 leotards, 1 short, and 1 pants just for gymnastics, nothing over $7. Leotards are regular¬†$30-80!¬†I found a $9 smocked dress with matching bow in perfect condition too. I looked it up and it is regular $40!¬†That is why I love to consignment shop for kid stuff! People always ask me why do I shop at consignment stores when I can afford the un-used item at full price. Uh, because people keep smocks in pristine condition by wearing it once or twice, then sell it to a consignment store, who will underprice it, and I save a ton of¬†money by buying there. That way my kid can stain it and I don’t care. I frequently sell to consignment stores too. So, my money tends to go a long way. I don’t feel bad for dropping a ton of money on a boutique item, when normally, I save us money all the time. That’s why. I am frugal.)¬†The bin contains sand and¬†she is a toddler. I would rather not be sweeping and mopping this afternoon (although my floors say otherwise).

Onto that book review…. The purpose of my book reviews are to inform you, a possible reader, if the book is interesting, something you would like to read, or an absolute bore to skip. Some book reviews are too in depth and tell you the content. I like to discover the content myself. Isn’t that what reading is all about? ¬†So, a little before Lent, I began reading Adam Hamilton’s Making Sense Of The Bible: Rediscovering the Power of Scripture Today. It wasn’t at all what I expected, however; super interesting. I expected a book that told me how to apply “outdated” scripture into my everyday life. It wasn’t about that at all!

The book has a total of 32 chapters, broken down into 2 sections. Section 1 contains the intro and the first 18 chapters. Section 1 is divided into 3 categories, regarding the Bible. Section 2 contains the last 14 chapters, without categories. Section 1 deals with the history of the Bible, how the Bible was made, the differences of Bibles among Christian denominations, the confusing nature of the Old Testament, the confusing nature of the New Testament, and common questions regarding the nature of the scriptures (OT is violent/NT is love/Scripture¬†relevant today). All super informative and educational, which means re-reading passages to understand the timelines, history, and explanations the author provides. I enjoy learning the history or backstory of something, so the first part was right up my alley. The second section refers to commonly asked questions about the Bible or Christianity. Hot topics like tattoos, homosexually, women in ministry, and subjects that non-Christians describe as “hang ups” to the Bible (ie: Creationism, Miracles). I can see where section 2 could anger a Christian that was taught to take the Bible as God’s literal spoken “holy” word. The author explains that too. I enjoyed the book so much because it was thought provoking. It gave my a different point of view on hot topics. Did I agree with everything the author had to say in section 2? No, the Bible is unclear, open to personal interpretation. Section 2 is his interpretation of the Bible to current hot topics and questions. So, I would recommend this book to anyone who is or isn’t religious or Christian. It might give you a different perspective to a subject you’ve struggled with. For example, I know many people who cannot believe in God simply based on science. I believe in science and God. I believe in evolution, there isn’t any arguing that to a point evolution exists. However, I have faith that that is how God designed us, for us to exist for many years, for us to evolve or adapt to our surroundings. Our genes do mutate and change over time, science shows that. So, why couldn’t have God intended that to happen for us? Science has gaps…what I refer to as God’s gaps. God has gaps within the Bible…that is what faith is for. I figure, I will find the meaning behind all of these gaps when I get to ask Him.

So, main point, great book…definitely recommend it! I also recommend consignment shopping. I don’t recommend standing outside in a Savannah storm, like right now, or you might find out God’s gaps early.

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