What? I didn’t forget!

Uhm, ok, maybe I did…just a little bit (as my daughter says). I forgot to blog Friday and Monday. We traveled back to Alabama to sort out some business. (That didn’t even happen; because of a miscommunication and lost mail.) The trip totally discombobulated me on my days. I intended to write on Friday night; but became so excited when the opportunity for the husband and I to go to the movies opened up. I jumped at the chance and forgot to blog. The weekend flew by and before I knew it, it was Monday. Our drive back took over 7 hours; it normally takes right at 6. I was feeling bad and went to bed; forgetting to blog again. So, I’m sorry for neglecting you. I’m sure you didn’t know what to do without my amazing opinions. HAHA!

I was going to write a book review on Friday. I will do that this Friday. I hope I will remember what I read. 🙂

I will tell about our trip though! Friday, we arrived to our destination in record time, even with my “grandpa style” driving husband. *Sorry, hunny!* We were able to drop the kid off at the grandparents and be able to spontaneously grab supper and watch a movie. The next morning we met my parents to experience Jurassic Quest with the kiddo. It was so fitting, because this week for summer camp @ home, we are studying dinosaurs. Jurassic Quest was fun for her. She especially loved the bounce houses and riding the dinosaurs. Because she does have a sensory disorder, all the people, exhibits, and noise really drained her. She was ready for lunch and nap afterwards. To be honest, so was I. That evening, the hunny and I found ourselves able to eat out again and go search for me another pair of camo overalls. *Don’t judge. It’s Alabama. We were going to the farm. Camo is always appropriate attire for farming. I don’t have maternity pants, just shorts. And camo overalls are the most comfortable thing to wear when pregnant.* Unfortunately, we could not find any and I’ve lost my usual pair. So, I had to be super redneck and wear my cut off style maternity shorts, with camo snake boots. So, embarrassing!!!

Sunday morning, we took the kiddo and Pop down to the farm to drive tractors, trailer rides, look at cows, and play in the creek. My husband and his dad grew up at this farm. It was very special watching them. That evening, we had a BBQ supper from our favorite BBQ house with my in-laws. I guess you can compare it to a Duck Dynasty type family meal. We just love to eat, converse, and spend time with one another when we can.

Monday, we had to pack up and head back to Savannah. It was the longest drive ever with all the traffic. And the kid was so grumpy. I wasn’t feeling very well either. So, when we got home, I just wanted to put myself down for bed. And that’s what I did.

We are back to the grind though! Again, I am sorry about forgetting to blog. I will try not to let that happen again…it could happen around the birth of our son though. Just to warn you. Haha! Until Friday!


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