This month has been one long transition. Transitions can be rough. My daughter is having quite the difficulty transitioning from hectic pre-school environment to structured full-time home environment. She has time to free play; but, she has a steady routine to adhere to. She isn’t allowed to act out and be rude to have her way. It is one warning, then instant time out. She is struggling with that, right now. Honestly, we are both struggling. I’ve transitioned from part-time SAHM to full-time SAHM. I don’t have the 3 hours of “me” time anymore. I don’t have gym, blog, or cleaning time anymore. I constantly have a sidekick draining my energy by demanding my attention. Her demand tactics are less than ideal. It seems she chooses to be disobedient to gather my attention. We are taking it day by day. One day she is her normal, obedient, and happy self; the next, she is whiney, disruptive, and lashes out. Sometimes, I feel like I am one tantrum away from becoming 2007 Britney Spears. The husband better hide his beard trimmer. Haha!

I am hoping we both begin to accept this new transition soon. Have more good days over bad. I keep trying to find ways to entertain us both, to help us bond, and to creatively re-direct her attitude. Things like going outside to explore, walk, or play games used to easily calm her and re-direct her attitude. Now, she seems to become worse and not listening to me. I feel like she spends most of her time in time out. I spend most of my time telling her to do or not to do something. I feel like I am failing as a mom. I wake up thinking, “Are we going to have a good day today? Is she going to listen to me? Or am I going to be defusing tantrum after tantrum?” I go to bed feeling defeated; hoping tomorrow will be different.

Praying tomorrow will show a ray of light that we are both accepting our new roles within this transition.


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