Preparation Is Key

Friday was a busy day for the kiddo and me. She had a 3 yr. wellness check up appointment, right during her nap. I love our Pediatrician, but be prepared to spend AT LEAST 2 hours there (more like 3-4 though). I knew that morning, I needed to get up, get ready, and prepare for a hectic afternoon. The drive over to the Pediatrician’s office is bad enough. If traffic wasn’t an issue, it would be 15 minutes away. Unfortunately, traffic is an issue, so add 20 minutes to that. I had a 2pm appointment. I left the house at 1:20pm. I arrived at the office at 2:05pm. (In the morning, it is even worse!) The kid’s appointment went well. She is tall for her age, she is healthy, and she received a vaccine. She told the nurse giving it, “it hurt and wasn’t nice”. Did I mention my kid is a sassy pants? It gets worse as she grows tired.

Knowing I might not be home before 4 or 5pm. I needed to prepare supper ahead of time. That morning, I gave the kid some Play Doh and Doh tools, and began cooking lasagna. An easy re-heat meal. I ended up making enough for 3 8×8 pans. Two regulars and one meatless. I froze one regular and the meatless. The whole process took a hour and a half. Of course, I had some breaks to admire the kid’s Doh creations and sensory play with cooked lasagna noodles.

My lasagna recipe is basic. I love the above sauce! It is minimally processed and tastes ah-mazing. I use ricotta, mozzarella, and parmesan cheeses. I like to add spinach too. I boil my whole wheat noodles al dente, if I am going to re-heat later. I don’t like soggy noodles. Yes, that is my kid wearing lasagna noodles on her face. You never know what you are going to see when she says, “Look, mama!”; laughing hysterically.

That’s how my weeks have been since I became a full time SAHM again. The only way I don’t have an epic Brittany Spears head shaving meltdown, is that I prepare. I have routines and schedules for routines and schedules. I finally finalized the kiddo’s daily routine and her monthly calendar of pre-school activities and themes. I know I will have to rearrange everything when the baby boy comes. But guess what, his butt will be on a schedule too. That is how I find time to do everything and keeps some sanity. Preparation is key!


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