Hodge Podge

This is a total hodge podge post, much like the state of my brain at the moment. I’ve been trying to come up with a daily schedule for the kiddo and I. Then, figure out a monthly calendar of weekly PK3/homeschool themes do to with her. Her OT recommended activities that include stringing beads, writing/holding a pencil, sensory bins, and using scissors. I went on Amazon (the holy grail of shopping) and ordered her some workbooks to help. I need to run by the craft store. I also, finally, applied for a library card. The library hosts a few reading and craft sessions for babies and toddlers throughout the week. This will offer us some socialization time. I am hoping with a few field trips to a wildlife preserve that hosts a “Toddler Tuesday” educational session, gymnastics camp a few times, OT appointments, and the library; we will have enough socialization. Haha! (Lord knows I will!)

I’ve been trying to build my baby registry too. We were smart enough to buy our most costly items as gender neutral. So really, we just need smaller stuff like clothes, crib bedding, changing mat covers, nursery décor, and more gender specific items. We couldn’t afford a nursery chair back then, so I will be buying one this time. And create my breastfeeding/pumping oasis that I wanted. We joked that although the due date is in September, our personal due date is in August. We will not be caught off guard this time! My birth center bag will be packed in July. Speaking of, Baby Boy is currently kicking up a storm, making it difficult to concentrate on typing.

Friday, I will post a few recipes that I tried this week. A banana nut bread, a pizza, and a chicken enchilada casserole. All were super good!

2 thoughts on “Hodge Podge

  1. Yeah to the library card and the new baby. I resisted the library card for a while. Turns out it was one of the best things that happened to our little life. I even wrote a blog post about it, it was that much of a game changer. As is a new baby, congratulations.

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    • I grew up in a rural area, where the nearest library was 20 minutes away. It was tiny, not stocked well, and had 2 out dated computers. My school library was better and I loved checking out books. I changed schools to a near by college town. The University library and City library were amazing! I spent many hours in them. I hope to develop the passion of reading into my kids as well.

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