Pregnant & Fit

It is amazing the difference a healthy lifestyle can make. The first photo was taken in 2013, at 20 weeks pregnant. I weighed around 185. The second photo was taken today at 22 weeks pregnant. I do my official weigh-in tomorrow, but I will estimate around 150. The difference is astonishing to me. The grey top was a maternity XL! The pink top is a non-maternity medium.

While I have slacked off on my workouts this week, because my daughter has been staying home with me instead of going to preschool; and we are adjusting to this new routine. I’ve been keeping a fairly healthy diet though. I really don’t have cravings. I love fruits, so those are my go-to snacks. I’ve been drinking fruit and spinach smoothies almost everyday. (You won’t have pregnancy constipation issues drinking those!) Last time, I ate complete crap. I felt it too. I was tired and sluggish. I had constant digestion issues.

It is important to fuel your body with food, not fill it with junk. I realize that now. It is also important to condition your body through exercise. I focus my workouts on conditioning those “labor” muscles. Pre-natal yoga will help with stretching and building endurance. A pre-natal workout with light weights or body weight, doing squats, will strengthen those muscles. All of it will help with labor too.

I am hoping my body will snap back into shape fairly quickly afterwards. However, I will be taking it easy those first 6 weeks postpartum. I will be taking the safe road and easing my post-baby body into fitness again.

*Uh oh, I realized I had a number typo on my current weight! I’ll argue that I really need a laptop with backlit keys to my husband, which he will say “type in the light”. Haha! My estimate said 140, it now says 150. I actually weigh 149. I was close!” I’ve gained 14 pounds so far & should gain another 10-15 for a healthy weight gain.*

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