All Board! DIY Train Party

Here is your ticket onto the third birthday express. My daughter doesn’t technically turn 3 until tomorrow morning (at 7:40). However, her birthday falls on a Tuesday. Generally, you would host the party the weekend after. Well, that is Mothers’ Day weekend and everyone likes to spend time with their mothers, not at a kid’s birthday party. So, the weekend before it was! Kiddo wanted a PJ Masks party. Let me tell you, there isn’t one single party decoration or toy for that show. She finally decided on a train theme. Thank goodness! I still kept it DIY because train parties are geared toward boys. Plus, she doesn’t watch Thomas the Train or Chuggington. I still wanted to keep it simple and frugal. My engineer husband worked hard on building the cupcake train out of wood glue and popsicle sticks. I painted the actual train engine, wheels, and other small details. I also crafted the “all about me” poster and train birthday banner poster. My mother-in-law found my husband’s old train toys and we used those as decoration too. I ordered the cupcakes from Gigi’s Cupcakes because I knew if I made some, they wouldn’t survive the Alabama heat, nor a 6 hour drive. Good call, Kayleigh, good call. Haha! The kiddo was so happy to have her family celebrate her and to play on her refurbished playhouse all weekend. It was a success! We also let her reveal the gender of the baby by pulling a string, opening a box, dropping down blue balloons and streamers. Yep, we are having a BOY! Which she was confused because she just knew she was getting a sister. We’ve shared his name with her and she is much happier with the idea of a baby brother.


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