The Finish Line

I see the ribbon in the distance, glittering just beyond my touch. I am almost there, at the finish line. Please keep carrying me legs, don’t fail me!

That is how I feel towards my daughter’s birthday party. I am almost finish. I thought, maybe if I didn’t blog last night, that I could finish the craft decorations. Nope. I have one birthday poster left. I need to cut out 56 dime-sized circles to represent wheels on the train cars (that will hold the letters, spelling “happy 3rd birthday” & a few pictures), glue the paper cut outs onto the poster, and write the letters. Saturday will be the finish line, ripping through the ribbon. Each craft finished, each decoration packed, each cupcake paid for, and everyone making it to the party will be one step closer to the ribbon.

Most people wonder, “Why put so much effort into a 3 yr. old’s party?” Well, because she is my pride and joy. This is one of many ways I remind her that I love her. This is her last solo birthday party without having a sibling present. Also, I believe your birthday is the one day to truly celebrate YOU.

I didn’t have birthday parties. I didn’t get to invite friends over for cake and ice cream. Every year was the same, I went to my grandparents where my grandmother made me a cake. While looking back on that, I cherish each cake she made me. However, to a kid, you want a cake with your name on it, you want balloons, you want friends over, you want to be recognized (just like all the other kids at school). On my 12th birthday, a baby cousin was born. I was happy for the baby, but saddened because I knew my birthday would no longer matter. I began having to share my grandmother’s cake, in my cousin’s favorite flavor. Then sharing turning into watching. I watched my cousin blow out candles on her store bought themed cakes and my cousin’s friends celebrating her. Each year I felt less cared about, less recognized, and less loved. When a family member buys your cousin a nice gift and a card with $20, then turns to you and hands you a $20 and says “Oh yeah, buy yourself something.” That hurts.

My husband didn’t have traditional birthday parties with friends either. But his mom did make him a themed cake, just for him, in his favorite flavor. His mom made him his favorite breakfast and supper. They took pictures. They recognized him. And he felt loved. He would maybe invite one or two friends over to play or have cake. But really, his older brother was his true best friend. (My husband is a quiet guy and doesn’t like a lot of “spotlight” attention place on him. He prefers a more intimate, family gathering over a big “to do”. And if one of our kids prefers a quiet gathering, well then, that’s what we will have.) Every year I try to plan a big birthday bash for my hunny, but he always finds a way to keep it just us. One day, I will plan him a surprise party…one day. 🙂

So, I make it a point to celebrate my child’s birthday. So she knows her birthday also changed my life too, in the most glorious way. I am truly celebrating her and all that she means to me. That is why I stress over every detail, making sure every detail is accounted for. I will do the same thing for this new bundle. It’s birthday will be just as celebrated, recognized, and planned.

I know my daughter is excited about her birthday. She hasn’t stopped talking about the train museum we took her to a couple of weeks ago. She continuously talks about seeing her family, eating cupcakes, and playing on her “new” playhouse with swings and a slide. (It was my husband’s and his brother’s playhouse while growing up. The grandparents and uncle fixed it up just in time for her party.) What more could this little girl ask for? Her favorite things are family, playgrounds, and cupcakes. All three in one day…poor kid’s mind might be blown!

Plus, I have to finish the gender reveal box. I was going to paint pink and blue polka dots on it, but the paper is glossy. The paint would have a hard time drying and then would easily chip off. So, now I need to buy a pink Sharpie to decorate it. (I have a blue one.) Something always comes up last minute. Let’s hope the bakery doesn’t forget to make the cupcakes. I should probably call them to check on Friday. I’ll add that to the List!

**Chances are I will not be able to blog on Friday, but expect a post on Monday! I will be detailing the party crafts (for any of you crafty people who want a train b-day party) and revealing the baby’s gender!**



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