Burning Both Ends of the Candle

This week is going to be quite the stressor for me. My daughter’s 3rd birthday party is this weekend. I still have so much to do! I am still in the process of painting her train cupcake display. (Homemade with love and popsicle sticks from her engineer father.) I pray that this display holds together for a 6 hour road trip. Originally, I planned for this party to be in Savannah with her little school friends. (Yay, a house full of sugar rushed 3 yr olds!) However, last year I sent out several invitations. Only one made it. It was kind of a bummer, but my daughter had a blast with that one friend. My daughter just loves playing with this one little girl at church. And I just love her parents. So, it worked out in the end. I really didn’t want a repeat this year and the possibility of family not being able to travel either.

So, this year, I was doing all of this planning for another kid friendly train party. Then, my husband reminded me that by the party, I will be entering my 6th month of pregnancy. Would I really feel like entertaining a bunch of people and kids? (I love to do the whole party myself. The catering, the baking, the cake decorating…I’m a one woman show.) The more I thought about it, the more I stressed. He suggested that we have a low key family train party in Alabama, so the great-grandparents could come too. Well, geez, you’ve pulled my sentimental heart strings there. Ok, I agreed. This meant I wouldn’t be making her cupcakes or party food. I couldn’t over decorate the location, because I can only pack so many decorations. Less stress, I thought.

Well, no, not less stress. I have to finish painting the cupcake train stand. Make her train themed birthday banner. Order the cupcakes (which is becoming a pain in my rear-end.) And while we are praying, let’s add that the bakery doesn’t forget the order…not speaking from experience or anything. We know the gender of the baby now, so we are going to announce that during the party for everyone to see and with the help of the big sister. Make the gender reveal box. Remember to pack that box. Remember to pack all of the decorations. Remember to pack all of her gifts. Actually pack some clothes for us. My memory is shot.

I also need to buy a few maternity tops, because my t-shirts are being stretched around the belly. And my other bigger sized tops, only fit in the belly, not in the neck, arms, and length areas. (Which looks weird!) I need that extra belly contouring of a maternity top. Unfortunately, I am cheap and do not want to spent $50 on a temporary top. I’ve checked consignment shops, but all they have are winter tops and size large. I need summer and size small or medium. So, full price it is. (My wallet cries.)

Then, I received a call to meet with someone to go over my daughter’s latest test results this week. (I couldn’t quite hear all the details because I was in a rush to brush teeth.) The morning before we leave, actually. I planned on using that time for any last minute details. I feel like I need to split myself into at least 4 other persons. I need my cleaning side, crafting side, fitness side, and errand side. Then that leaves me to be mommy.



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