20 Week Check UP

I had my 20 week midwife appointment yesterday. I had an ultrasound, the last unless a problem arises before birth. Baby was in a hilarious position, a complete headstand. Every appointment I have with the midwives, I am blown away with the thoroughness and explanation of everything. The ultrasound tech went from head to toe checking different areas of the baby. She explained everything she was looking for. Baby measured at 19 weeks, but the midwife said a due date is an estimate, to always factor in 2 weeks before and after. (To be honest, if I make it through August still pregnant, I will be shocked.)

I didn’t have any weight gain. The midwife said she wasn’t concerned, that next appointment I will most likely have a big weight jump (and again, not to be alarmed). She said as along as I am not feeling lethargic and hungry, that I am most likely consuming enough calories. It probably helps that I maintain a healthy diet and exercise routine. My gym trainer asked me today what cravings I’ve had, and I told her that I love fruits. Watermelon, cantaloupe, grapes, strawberries, and pineapples. I would say my “unhealthy” craving has been coleslaw. I have eaten my fair share of ice cream though. But that isn’t new. I love ice cream!! Haha!

I am just so happy this baby is healthy and the pregnancy has been going so smoothly. I cannot wait to meet this little person. What will its personality be like? I know its big sister had personality within the womb. I should have known I was going to have a strong willed daughter. Maybe this one can be a little more like my husband and be laid back…but not as laid back. 🙂


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