Did you forget to…

Chances are…yes…I forgot. Pregnancy and my ability to remember to do things do not agree with one another. And my “remember to do this list” just keeps growing and growing. Plus, I have exciting events coming up, like finding out the gender of this baby, my daughter’s 3rd birthday party, and her actual birth day. Then there is life: blogging, working out, crafting for the party, grocery shopping, registering for summer camps, paying for summer camps, cooking supper, thawing the meat…it never ends. And things are forgotten (like that it is Wednesday blog night)! I am terrified that party day will get here and there aren’t any cupcakes. The ONE thing she has asked for, repeatedly! I would do it!

Her party is train themed. Yet, she doesn’t know about Thomas the Train (except of books), Chuggington, or any of the other shows. She really just doesn’t watch a lot of tv. Even if it is on, she is in the floor building lego structures, playing puzzles, or I’m playing with her. However, every morning on the way to school, she sees the train exchange area from the interstate. Living in a port city, we see quite a bit of train activity. So, she wants trains (& cupcakes) at her party. Because the party is DIY (Girls like trains too, party décor people!), I am making a number of train projects in the few moments of spare time I have. The kid is smart; so I have to be incognito while crafting.

This weekend (pray that the rain moves out), we plan to take her to the train museum. They have steam and diesel engine train rides on various weekends. I would prefer to take her on the steam, many of her books feature steam engines, so I think she would relate it better. I hope she has a blast.

I will make a post featuring her DIY train party/gender reveal. This party will be small and family oriented; not a big production. While she loves having friends over and playing games; she is just as content eating cupcakes with family. Haha! I love my laid back little girl. Although, technically, she isn’t little. She is tall and nothing is safe on the counter…nothing. You would never know she was born a month early and didn’t even fit into newborn clothes until she was 3 months old. We needed preemie sized clothes; but couldn’t find them anywhere but on-line.

Ok…I’m going to go cry now. And forget something.

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