Decisions, Decisions

Summer is quickly approaching, which means the kiddo will be out of school soon. This is our last summer as a family of three. I want to celebrate that by spending more time together, playdates with friends, lazy pool days, and beach days. With that said, I know we would drive each other crazy if we spent the whole summer together. I am hoping to find her a couple of summer camps, like gymnastics or dance, to release some energy. Last year, I put her in a summer camp associated with her school. She loved it; however, I would like for this summer to focus on fun, rather than constant education. I’ve even thought about scaling down her days at pre-school next year and enrolling her in a gymnastics or dance class once a week. That way, the rest of the time, she would be with me and her new sibling. A chance to bond; but still have the chance to socialize with peers.

I want to give her the chance to blossom in all aspects of her personality. She is extremely active. She loves to climb, jump, and dance; so I think gymnastics would suit her best. She definitely seems to need a fun outlet besides the same school routine. I am a worrier. I just want the best for her. Isn’t that part of a Mom’s job?

2 thoughts on “Decisions, Decisions

  1. I can totally relate to your struggles. My son is only 12 months, however I have often thought about this because he is SO active and clever. I feel like I will be in your shoes in a few years, trying to nurture all of his interests. Thanks for posting!

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    • I began wondering when I needed to approach the socialization stage with her at that point. I began by going to smaller local playgrounds. If there were other kids, great; if not, no biggie. Around 2 is when I decided that a local summer camp (only 4 hrs a day) would benefit her.

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