Easter Was Sunday?

Hello, again! I’m back and in full force. So, that can be a good or bad thing for you. I guess it depends on whether you agree or disagree with me. I was blown away with the response of my last post. Thank you for each and every comment! As I’ve said before, my blog is about being open and honest with everyone about myself and my experiences. With that, comes my viewpoint, my emotions, and my observations about my experiences. I spent most of my youth suppressing my true feelings, hiding my opinions, feeling ashamed to share who I was from fear of being excluded. I spent years trying to mold myself into something I was not, just to be liked. Guess what? I was still bullied. People still didn’t like me. I still felt excluded. I realized, hell, if I’m not going to be treated nicely while trying to “fit in”; I might as well be true to myself, my friends, and be happy. I’m obviously not going to please everyone. I am, who I am. I will not apologize for it. Do I wish I was more accepted by people? Do I wish I made friends easier? Absolutely! I also wish people wouldn’t get their panties in a wad over every little thing and become offended. But I don’t think that’s going to happen. So, here I am! Rubbing people the wrong way because I refuse to fit into their mold. Or, is it because I make them question the mold they’ve placed themselves in? Hmmm, something to ponder on.

Not to jump ship…but…JUMP!

Sunday was Easter. Normally, Easter would be going to church in our Easter best. I would develop the most fabulous Easter menu, fit for a king (my husband). And, my daughter would be playing with all of her Easter goodies that came in her basket…that was so carefully chosen by her parents. Unfortunately, that was not this Easter. I was away for personal matters for a few days. Sadly and unexpectedly, my husband’s {amazing} grandfather passed away. We rushed back to Alabama Thursday evening for the funeral on Friday. Thursday was a whirlwind. Husband went to work as normal. Daughter woke up with a fever, coughing, and congestion (just when I though she was over her allergies). I made the executive decision to keep her home from school, because last time, she caught a stomach bug as well, and cancel a previously scheduled playdate. I had a midwife appointment that morning too. So, I loaded the kid up for my appointment. She heard her baby bro or sis’s heartbeat (& has proceeded to tell everyone and anyone about “her baby sister’s heartbeat in mommy’s belly” – also the child will be devastated if this baby isn’t a girl). Then, I took her to Urgent Care to see what was going on with her allergies again. I left 105 dollars poorer, a kid with another ear infection, and 3 prescriptions to purchase. Yippee! I gave her meds and put her down for nap. I wanted a nap, but needed to pack the family. I packed, I ironed, I packed more, I loaded the car, I tied up some loose ends in my house work, and still yearned for my afternoon nap. Husband came home and we jetted off to Alabama with a sleepy, cranky toddler. We arrived late that night. Up and at ’em Friday morning for the visitation and funeral activities. Daughter was still congested and seemed low in energy. She was well behaved all day, but had a poor appetite and was obviously tired. Saturday she stayed with her grandparents. Again, she had a low appetite, low energy, and an upset tummy. Sunday, Easter, we planned on visiting our past church for their beautiful and simple sunrise service. (We’ve missed that church family so much. The people there are genuinely nice, help you find your volunteer niche, and offer so much love and support. The church is such a great example of enriching a Christian’s walk with Christ through friendship, support, and love.) Daughter woke up with an upset tummy again, vomiting, coughing, congestion, no appetite, and lethargic. Husband and I went to church, left kiddo with the grandparents, then we packed, picked up the kiddo, and headed back to Savannah. The child slept the whole way, except for moments of waking up crying that her belly hurt. That is so unlike her. The weather sucked. We ate at Cracker Barrel. I was exhausted and worried. Husband was exhausted, worried, and grieving. We came home to an awful smell. I forgot to throw away a tomato, which was completely liquefied and molded in the pantry. (Go me!) I threw some dinner together. Daughter opened her Easter basket and we played, we grieved, and spent family time with each other. Easter was a whirlwind of activities and emotions for us. Easter was abnormal for us.

I will wrap this up by saying: Brian’s grandfather is greatly missed. He was an amazing man. His outlook on life was exemplary. He just went with the flow, nothing got him down, and never complained about anything. He stood firm on God’s guidance. There is no doubt he is in heaven. Brian’s grandparents were married for 65 years. Their marriage is one we can only hope to aspire to. It was built on the solid foundation of God. They did devotions and studies together; they were really each others’ best friend. Where one was, the other was near by. Both of them pillars within their small community and church. I heard Grandaddy say if God called him home first, he knew to find a seat at the gates to wait on Memaw. Because he sure had a lot of practice waiting on her to get ready. And that was Brian’s grandfather, so content to wait for his best friend.

2 thoughts on “Easter Was Sunday?

  1. Sorry for your loss. Hope you and your family are ok.
    Easter comes around every year, so you can always make up for it next year x


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