Staying Fit

Today was my last gym session with my trainer, Laura. I’m going to miss working out with her. Although I knew I wasn’t going to be getting in “fit” shape with these sessions after I found out I was pregnant. I enjoyed working out with her and soaking up her knowledge. She would come up with exercises that required the slightest movement of the muscle, but boy did it work that muscle. Hopefully, I can use her to drop the inevitable baby weight gain and to get back to “fit” shape. I will still be going to the gym to lift weights and to do cardio once it gets so hot (& soooo pregnant) that it would be healthier not to become too dehydrated. I know some people think workouts should be light and quick when pregnant, but I have read recent studies that show women that moderately workout have healthier pregnancies and delivery results. I received a Train for Her magazine with an order from Bodybuilding and it has a great article explaining fitness and pregnancy, even with some exercises. Even during my last pregnancy I did pre-natal yoga, a pre-natal workout video, and walked outside regularly.

Speaking of pregnancy, I definitely “popped” over the weekend. I was expecting it to happen at anytime, since I am 4 months along. I kept a few of my maternity clothes from last time; however they are not going to work this go around. I am much smaller. Yay for shopping!

I think with my fitness routine and healthy eating, I should be able to bounce back to my usual fitness level.

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