Energy Zap

Would it be appropriate to go to bed at 7:30 tonight? Cause that’s all I want to do. I feel zapped! This week was my daughter’s spring break. I had my parents visiting the first half and they help entertain her. However, it’s been just us gals these last few days. Even with afternoon naps, by 7, I just want to go to bed. I assume most of this tiredness stems from being pregnant. We’ve all had allergy issues too.

Y’all the pollen is insane here. Coating EVERYTHING! I’m talking about pollen clouds floating around.

I can tell you, I cannot wait until Easter. I will be greatly enjoying my morning cup of coffee. I have missed it so much! I am proud of myself though. There has been moments of when I would have loved to pour a cup. Tea just isn’t the same.

I am excited about my hair appointment tomorrow. It is the only time it looks amazing. Plus, it is a moment of getting pampered. Speaking of pampered, I really need to find a nail salon here. Although I don’t do my fingernails often, I love having a pedicure every once in a while. Especially in the Spring and Summer months. Gotta have flashy toes for the beach!

And this is my random ramblings for tonight. I made it past 8…whooo, hooo!


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