I <heart> Jo Frost, aka Supernanny! Like, really, love her. Have you watched the show Supernanny? Re-runs are aired on UpTv and Lifetime. She has published several parenting books and had a few other TV shows. She currently has a show on UpTv called Jo Frost: Nanny On Tour. I am obsessed! My parenting style closely reflects her techniques, especially in the disciplining area.

Now, you might think, “Why on Earth would I watch a show about wild hooligans, parents at wits end, and a nanny fixing the family? I have my own crazy kids!” I had the same thoughts, but the show sucked me in. I began watching Supernanny in college. I was thinking about being a nanny for a few local families during the summer. I had previous experience babysitting my younger relatives and one summer watching two girls. I remembered that summer not being my favorite. Kids will act up, with or without parents. As a babysitter, you have to have boundaries and accept families that fit into those boundaries. I obviously wouldn’t babysit for a family that thought their children did no wrong and did not allow me to discipline with timeouts. (Yes, I had a family state they did not believe in disciplining. Yes, those kids were horrendous. I saw that during the interview and knew I wouldn’t be accepting that job.) After watching Supernanny, I knew that is how I wanted to parent my children, if I had any.

I watch her Nanny On Tour show and cannot believe how many parents just step back on parenting. Many of the problems parents have is because of the parents’ inability to say no. My daughter will tell you, that is my favorite word for her. She hears it in some form about 20 million times a day. It is ok to say no. As your child grows, they will thank you. You will thank you. Check out Jo Frost’s show. It is interesting and her techniques work. I am glad I caught on to her before I became a parent. I’ve found that parenting takes perseverance, boundaries, and being consistent. Jo will show you simple techniques to fix bad behavior and how to build a strong relationship with your child(ren).

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