In The Dark

I’ve been keeping you in the dark about something. It is a game changer.

I am pregnant!

Yes, that’s right. We are expecting our second child due in September. I was pretty surprised, shocked, and stunned. I had been training to join the local horse jumping circuit this Spring. Unfortunately, I had to put that dream on hold for now. Naturally, as anyone who has worked so hard and was so close to achieving a childhood dream; I cried for a few days. I think part of that crying had to do with fear and guilt. How will I juggle two kids? How do I not feel guilty about taking attention from my first born? How do I raise them to love one another? As you can tell, my mind began reeling with questions. It is still reeling with questions. I know the Lord will provide me with the guidance and answers I need. He always does. Our daughter changed our lives for the better. I can only imagine what this little bundle has in store for us.

I feel so lucky and blessed to live in a state and area that not only allows midwifery, but has the only freestanding birth center in Georgia. I am able to experience midwifery care first hand. I cannot wait to share this experience with you. It has already been so different than my Alabama OB care experience.

One thing I didn’t stop when I found out I was pregnant was my healthy diet and fitness routine. I think it is more important than ever. I’ve hardly had any morning sickness. (Last pregnancy was awful. I spent all day and night barely keeping anything down for months.) I am more tired this go around. Daily naps are a must. Other than that, I feel great.

So now you know. You are in the light. Welcome on this new journey.


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