The Week of Mondays

Monday has been the best day of this week, by far. My daughter has been suffering with some allergies. It comes with the territory of living in Savannah. I’ve heard people say they never had allergies until visiting or living here. Just about the time I put up the children’s Claritin, I’m getting it back out. The pollen coats everything! Pollen swirls on the water. Well, Monday the little developed quite the nasty cough with a sniffle. So out came the Claritin. I thought about keeping her home on Tuesday, but had a morning appointment I just could not miss or bring her to. Tuesday, she picked up a stomach bug. Her cough was much worse. I went by Walgreens to pick up some cough syrup and my husband calls me to tell me she is projectile vomiting on him. Oh, great…picked up some Pedialyte too. Sure enough, Wednesday she wakes up covered in vomit and her cough is worse. Washing her entire bed ensemble and bathing her. I call my friend to tell her, she probably doesn’t want to visit us after all. I make an afternoon appointment with her pediatrician. By lunch, I am feeling queasy and tired. At her doctor’s appointment, she has an infection in both ears, obvious allergy/sinus drainage that moved into her chest, and a stomach bug. Three prescriptions and an hour and a half later, we are waiting at Walgreens to have them filled for 30 minutes.

Y’all they are out of Prednisone! The most commonly prescribed allergy steroid medication….EVER! I mean, when I worked as a veterinary tech, we handed out that medication like it was candy to allergy ridden pets. It is a medication you do not run out of.

So, they tell me to come back tomorrow at 11:30 to pick it up. I remind them the suspension HAS TO BE FLAVORED. I’m giving it to a toddler. Wednesday night…I’m barfing. Yay, me! Reasoning behind no blog post.

Thursday morning, I feel like a freight train has repeatedly ran me over. I just want sleep. And the child has coughed up some phlegm all over her sheets. (Her two sets of sheets, mattress protector, and comforter have been washed at least 3 times by now.)  Into the washer they go again. Into the bath she goes again. My sweet husband takes his lunch break to pick up the medication, since I am trying to nurse myself too. The medication isn’t ready and won’t be ready until after 12. I contemplate keeping the sick kid awake until noon to pick up the medicine. (The thing with steroids, they tend to give you insomnia…especially in kids. So, you don’t want to give that after 3pm.) I’m tired too, so I decide, let’s take naps instead. Although, I know she won’t be able to take the medication today. She has an accident during nap…sheets and mattress protector back into the wash. Walgreens didn’t notify me that the prescription was ready until 1:30. Do you know how angry I would have been if I had went up there at 12 to pick it up? Let’s just say, I might have ended up on the local news. I did start to feel better after my nap. And so did the kiddo, for the exception of her worsening cough that hurt every time she coughed. We finally picked up the medication at 3:30…and it is unflavored. UN-FRICKING-FLAVORED!

So, we arrive to this morning. I wake up feeling great and with an appetite. While the kiddo wakes up coughing more than ever, crying because it hurts, and refusing to eat the oatmeal I cooked. Fortunately, with all three of her medications, she begins to feel much better mid-morning. This afternoon I am reminding her she needs to take it easy and not play too hard. I can only imagine how much better she could be if Walgreens had her medication in the first place.

This evening I will have a much needed break and socialize with some ladies from a bible study I’ve been attending. We are watching War Room. I am excited to see it! And to have adult interaction. Good luck husband, you’re going to need it tonight.


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