Sit A Spell

I had a completely different topic to blog about for Wednesday. However, the husband commandeered the computer, only to give it back 15 minutes before I was ready for bed. I don’t know about you, but I cannot publish anything in 15 minutes on a tired brain. I remind myself of the sloth in Zootopia. Slow thinker, responder, and typer.

This week has been so jam packed with running errands for the hubby’s big 3-0 birthday, stuff for the kiddo’s school, rainy weather, and prepping for family visiting; that I have been running around like a chicken with her head chopped off. I even spruced up my resume and (gasp!) applied for a job that would allow me to work from home. We shall see!

I am ready to sit a spell over the weekend and sip some sweet tea. But there won’t be any sitting today. I still have to buy groceries, finish some cleaning, tie some loose ends on hubby’s b-day, bake the cake, bake his favorite pie, and (Lord, please) don’t let me forget to pick up the kid from school. Haha! I can become a little scatter brained and lose track of time. It is a big fear of mine too. The kid wouldn’t care, she would think it was extra playtime…but my check book would mind!

Monday, I will share my hubby’s celebration weekend with y’all. Then, hopefully on Wednesday, I will have another midwifery post that I was working on. Have a fantastic weekend and sit a spell for me.

(“Sit a spell”, and my personal favorite, “sit down before you fall down” are phrases I grew up hearing; meaning taking a rest after a period of hard work or for visiting.)


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