Writers’ Block

I’ve been having creativity issues, that could boarder on low motivation issues with this blog. Also, I notice if I publish on Mondays; that post goes unnoticed for the most part. That doesn’t help the situation either.

Here lately, it seems my life schedule is busier than normal. I normally wake up early, type up a post (or most of one), go about my day, and easily pick up the post to publish it. Last week, I found myself having to immediately get ready, take the little one to school, run errands, meet with people, schedule more activities to my calendar, on and on. By the time I had time to sit down to process my thoughts, I was ready for bed. I knew anything I published would be incoherent brain mush.

I can give you an update on my daughter and the therapy issue. I decided to call the recommended program for the free evaluation. (She has to be accepted into the program.) After the evaluation, if it seems she does need speech or developmental therapy; they will accept her into the program. A therapist will come by her school to administer the therapy. After a few weeks of silence, a few days of phone tag, and finally meeting with the program director; she was evaluated yesterday. While talking over the phone, the director and therapist over heard my daughter chatting me up (she thought Grammie was on the phone and wanted to chat with her) and both stated they didn’t think she would qualify. We shall see. I wanted to do the evaluation, so if she doesn’t qualify, I can say I tried and my kid just doesn’t fit your (the school’s) personality mold.

Friday: The little one had a Valentine musical production and luncheon at school. (Just imagine 15 two year olds and a musical production. Most just stand their shocked or cry. It is kind of comical.) She sang two little songs with hand/dance moves with her class. She definitely enjoyed herself and her perceived moment of spotlight. Also, imagine the candy intake and the energy output…my word…no wonder I was so tired that evening.

Saturday: The hubby and I celebrated Valentines. It was our 11th, but our 10th year together. (We are obligated to celebrate Valentines. It was our first official date. We were friends and hung out before that day, but he asked me out officially for a Valentines dinner.) He made reservations at Ruth’s Chris Steak House. All the parking decks were full, which sent us in a frenzy searching for a parking spot. We turned a 10 minute walk into a 4 minute walk to make our reservation. Supper was spectacular! (Try the Potato au gratin and the chocolate explosion!) Earlier in the day, I helped our daughter make her babysitter a Valentine card and we bought a box of chocolates for her. Our sitter is super adorable and awesome with our daughter. Plus, she gave up her Valentines to babysit…that is a big deal for a teenager!

Sunday: Was a much needed day of rest and laundry. Plus, we began watching the X Files. I found out my husband never watched the X Files, so I found it free with Amazon Prime…all 9 seasons! So, I am making him watch them. Do you believe?

To catch us up…Monday: The kiddo was out of school for Presidents’ Day. I entertained her all day, while she slowly sucked all of my energy reserves dry. Haha! I was so tired after a 4 mile walk to our playground, playing outside, crafts, and house chores. I was back at mental mush.

I will say, because many people had a four day weekend; many people chose Savannah as their destination vacation. Traffic was insane! Parking was insane! My patience with the horrible tourist drivers was at wits end. Savannah is known for their squares, which function like round-a-bouts for driving. No one ever understands the concept…ever. Drivers are running stop signs, pedestrians are walking in front of you, photographers are stopping traffic. Tourist season can be incredibility annoying. Next month is St. Patrick’s Day…yippee…drunk tourists…even better! <eye roll>

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