Let the Lenten Season Begin!

Today is Ash Wednesday, which marks the beginning of the Lenten season. Now, I’m not a religion expert by any means. I’m not going to sit here and pretend I know everything about Lent. I definitely do not. I do learn new things about Lent while observing it.

Lent is observed by many dominations. Honestly, it seems to be observed church by church. My Methodist church observes Lent, yet; I know many that do not. Some people observe by restricting their diet of different items each week until Easter, some add devotionals, some abstain from social media, some restrict only one item until Easter, or allow the restricted item(s) on Sunday, etc. My point is, Lent is subjective to the observer. This Lent I am eliminating coffee, adding a religious book, and prayer devotion.

I am eliminating coffee, well, because it is my drug. I love to start my day with a hot cup of coffee in bed. I love it so much; that sometimes I make us late to church. I sit there enjoying coffee, when I should be getting ready for church. That isn’t not a habit I am proud of at all. So, in sorts of punishing myself, no more coffee until Easter. We shall be at church on time. I’m adding a religious book that discusses scripture and how to relate it to today. It also touches on the differences of the Bible between dominations. I am adding a prayer devotion to increase my conversation with God. Prayer is your communication line and lately I’ve been disconnected.

My personal goal for Lent is to renew my relationship with God, to draw closer to Him, and thank Jesus for His sacrifice, forgiveness, and grace.

Do you observe Lent? What does Lent mean to you? In what ways do you observe it?

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