Catch Up

I am still working on my “Midwifery In Alabama” post. Because I feel that it is so important to correctly explain the reasoning behind the need of midwives in AL, I want to triple fact check and word my post with the utmost care. I want the post to be educational, yet inspire you to contact your legislator to support the Home Birth Act bill (if you’re in AL).

I was hoping to finish up my post for tonight. However, yesterday was supposed to be grocery shopping day. It rained all day! I’m talking a steady, cold rain. Needless to say, the roads quickly flooded. I postponed my grocery shopping for today and did today’s laundry yesterday. I also had to attend an open house/registration for my daughter’s pre-school last night. So, I plan on working on the post tomorrow and Sunday, to publish it on Monday.

I am doing much better. Although last night the open house was during supper time. They had snacks for the kids, but not us parents. I became a little too hungry. When I did eat, it came back up shortly afterwards. I hate it when that happens. I always feel sick the rest of the evening; mainly because I am still starving, yet every time I eat, it comes back up. Ugh! Finicky digestion issues! And that is why I didn’t work on my post yesterday, or today. Life gets in the way sometimes.

Keep your eyes peeled on Monday!



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