Lysol, Please!

Monday was not a good day for me. My child came home with the dreaded orange note. I’m sure it is a different color for each school. But the orange note means there is some kid in the class that has spread some sort of sickness. The germaphobe in me wants to Lysol my daughter and everything that comes from her school before coming near me. That is probably overreacting, but it is how I feel. To top Monday off, I ended up sick!

I’m not sure if supper just didn’t agree with me or if I had a quick stomach bug. I do know I had terrible stomach cramps, lost my supper, and went straight to bed at 8:30 pm. I woke up on Tuesday feeling slightly better, but incredibility tired. So, I took the day easy.

Now, it is Wednesday. While I feel better, I am still a little blah. I feel drained of my energy, there is no motivation for me to do anything. I just want to be a couch potato. I think some of this lagging may be due to me giving up coffee. I was slowly weaning myself off of it for Lent. (Lent begins on Ash Wednesday, February 10th) Yesterday, I went the whole day without it, mainly because I didn’t think my stomach could handle it. Then today I decided to forego the magic drink. So, I feel sluggish and like I need some coffee. Also, the weather is turning chilly and rainy. Perfect for snuggling with a cup of coffee.

I am hoping to be feeling back to myself for my Friday post. I don’t want to give y’all a lackluster post.  That just wouldn’t be good.

Avoid shaking hands and sanitize wipe everything, my friends. Germs are out there!


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