Relaxation & H2O

Is there a male trainer curse on me? Every time I am assigned a male trainer, after the second session, he disappears. Every. Stinkin’. Time. He quits the gym or is fired. I joke with my husband that they must not be able to handle my sexiness. He doesn’t find that as funny as me. I have better luck with female trainers. They are always reliable and seem not to “wing it” as much. So today, I worked out with my new trainer. She is tough, but fun too. She understands my want to learn the exercises and have a full body workout. She told me I am one of her fittest clients. It made me feel pretty dang proud of how hard I’ve worked.

I love exercising, whether in the gym or hitting the pavement. I find I am able to think clearly and quiet my rambunctious mind, at least a little bit. It provides me with a moment of daily relaxation. I can get lost in my music, the burn of my muscles, and my (labored) breathing. Lately, I have been needing this hour within my day.

With exercising comes water intake. You have to stay hydrated! H2O keeps the body systems going. has a neat water intake calculator. It calculated me needing 106 oz of water. I don’t measure the exact amount of water I consume each day. I drink 2 mugs of coffee and then water. All. Day. Long. This is kinda gross…but I normally gauge my hydration on my urine color. If it stays consistently a pale yellow to clear color, I know I am hydrated. Today, I decided to measure my water intake and compare it to the BB calculation. I use a 16 oz Contigo cup. I don’t put ice in my water, because it gives me incentive to drink quick for cold water. I drink 6-8 of these per day. That is 96-128 oz! An extra positive to drinking enough water, you are constantly running to the bathroom, which equates to more movement! So, go chug some water!


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