Hello 2016!

I hope all of my readers had a great Christmas and New Year. I did! To me, the best thing about Christmas is spending time with my daughter and husband. We traveled to Alabama for a few days to visit family, check on the flood waters, and check our property. I was able to spend an afternoon with a friend I haven’t seen in years. Mainly, I’ve watched movies and played toys with my daughter and snuggled with my husband. Today was his first day back at work, to be an adult. He wasn’t happy. He isn’t ready to adult today…or ever. Haha!

You would have to laugh. Our cable decided to die on Christmas morning. My husband, who never has the time to watch television and drink coffee, was bummed. The cable was out for over a week! That allowed us to really spend some quality time together. Although, that also meant my scheduled DVR shows were erased and unrecorded. That kinda made me angry because I missed several season finals that are not on demand. Now, I will never know the endings…

I planned on blogging on the 1st. However, I had another friend come to visit. She has a demanding job, so when she chose me to be her quick break; I gladly accepted. We rolled in the New Year with style. My husband frantically got the cable provider to fix the cable. We did not want to miss our football bowl games. I braved the grocery store. Luckily, I wasn’t after the traditional New Year foods for the South. (Black eyed peas, Greens, Cornbread, etc) We watched football, ate rotel cheese dip, saw Alabama was going to win, and went to bed. It was a wild night. Haha! Once my friend arrived, we just enjoyed each other’s company. We ate, we explored a local nature park, we ate, we enjoyed conversation, we ate, and we watched football. Then, she had to go back.

If you haven’t caught onto the theme…I did a lot of eating. My pants tell me to stop eating and go run. I’ve gained 5 pounds, which is noticeable on my small frame. Lucky for me, my husband knew what I wanted for Christmas most of all was to get back into the gym. He bought me personal training sessions! I am hoping this will inform me enough to feel confident in the gym, on my own. I will elaborate on my goals for the gym in a separate post.

As I’ve stated earlier, I do not set resolutions. I don’t understand the point of them and people never stick to them. It almost sets people up to fail. You have to set realistic goals, people. I like to set a theme for the year and lay out a few goals to improve my life. This year’s theme is: CONSISTENCE. I want to be more consistent with my fitness and diet. I need to carve out at least 30 minutes everyday to just get out of the house and get active. My goal is to spend 45 minutes to an hour, everyday in some sort of workout. I want to clean up my diet, detox from the Christmas goodies, and get back to nutritional foods. I want to be more consistent with my purposeful parenting. I hate to repeat myself, so after the third time of telling my daughter to do or not to do something; my voice increases with each repeat. Before I know it, I have yelled at her, made her cry, and made myself feel like a sh!tty mom. Afterwards, I am in a foul mood and still snappy. In all actually, just as my daughter needs a nap to refresh her attitude; so do I. Instead, I want to watch television, read, workout, or complete more household work. I need to be consistent with taking a nap when I feel tired too, which will help my parenting. I want to be more consistent with reading my books. I like to read several at one time. However, until I have the time to read many books at once, I need to set the task of reading one, completing it, and moving on to another. I really want to read more Bible study type books. My last, and major goal for this year is to study and take the GRE. I keep putting it off, mainly out of fear. It would hurt me to score poorly on it. But I need to conquer my fear, my “what if” and take it. I may surprise myself!

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