Season Slow Down

I’ve been typing on this post for three days now, each time deleting portions or all of it. I had two more posts I wanted to write about also. Oh, well, that isn’t going to happen now. Maybe, next year! Hehe!

We had our Christmas party last week, along with our daughter’s pre-school party. (Both were great and filled with sugar!) We’ve had family visiting. While we are not finished with all of the visiting and family time, I like to take the week leading up to Christmas to slow down on social media. This is most likely my last post for 2015. I shall be back in 2016 though.

For me, Christmas is a time for slowing down, reflection, and preparing for the new year. December can be such a hectic month, especially the weeks leading up to Christmas; all of the parties, last minute shopping, etc.

Christmas symbolizes differently for everyone. As I said, I prefer to slow down and live in the moment of Christmas. I reflect on many things. Because I am religious, I reflect on the birth of Jesus Christ. What that means for/to me, the second coming of Christ, how to grow my relationship with Christ in the new year. I reflect on all aspects of the closing year. I think about how I was as a mother, wife, and Christian. What can I improve on in those areas. I reflect on the loved ones I’ve lost. My Nana (paternal) and Grandfather (maternal) both passed away 6 years ago within December. Although, it seems like yesterday.

As for New Years Resolutions, I really do not make those. I find that I will not keep them. I do like to make goals for what I would like to improve on and how do accomplish those goals. I would like to take the GRE. Take my fitness to a greater level. Be more attentive as a mother and wife. Disconnect from television and connect with books. Lastly, I would like to blog on a regular basis.

I hope each one of you have a wonderful Christmas and New Year. See you in 2016!


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