Wanted: Extra Time!

I need more than 24 hours in a day. Can we bump that up to 30 hours in a day? I have so much to do & so little time to do it!

Our Christmas party is tomorrow! Ermergerd! I am super excited. I just need a few more hours in the day to complete my task list. Friday of last week, I had some time to kill after my horse riding lesson and before I needed to pick up my kid from pre-school. Of course, I went to the luxurious paradise of all stores…Target. Target and that fabulous dollar section. I needed to find a little something to go into the kids’ party favor bag; however, most of the kids are 1.5 – 3.5 yrs. old. So, that something had to be durable, non-toxic, and all the other cautions of having small kids. I found some super cute snowman fun straws. At the time, I only had 8 kids RSVP; so, I bought 2, 4 packs. Fast forward to yesterday, and I had a few more RSVPs with more kids. I went back to Target…and of course they didn’t have anymore. GAH! **Side note: Siblings will fight about anything. So you want to make sure the goody bags have the exact same trinket toy, candy, and quantity. The only variation should be pink for girl, blue for boy.** I found another idea out of the dollar section that would work for the two older, only children coming to the party. Crisis adverted! Back to picking up a few more last minute groceries, then to the kitchen.

I finished the goody bags. I whipped up a batch of sugar cookie dough, allowed it to chill for 5.5 hrs (It only needed 3, but I had to pick up the kid & give her attention before nap). After I put the kid down for nap, I decided to go ahead and mix up the cheeseball appetizer, to allow the flavors to mingle until the party. I did some cleaning in the fridge & freezer after I noticed some spillage of some sort. That made me notice more things to clean. I finally addressed & sent out some Christmas cards. The kid woke up a little early from nap. We enjoyed a snack, a tickle battle, and block building. Then I needed to bake the sugar cookies. While I became incredibly angry at the finicky dough (I was cussing it in my head!) It was melting, turning sticky during the rolling process. The dough was ripping, sticking to the cookie cutters. Finally baked some in the oven, just for them to totally lose shape. The candy canes look a lot like male private parts…A LOT! (Again, with some more mental cussing. Now, imagine what my husband is enjoying in his lunch at work today. Haha! I hope no one notices.) All the while, my child is licking the flour and dough off the cookie cutters. Don’t worry, I had set them to the side not to use anymore. I ended up making circle & square shaped cookies with the remaining dough. I received another RSVP with two more young girls.


All of that brings me to today. I will drop the kid off at school. Come back home to make frosting and design the cookies with winter/Christmas theme. Make two batches of my family fudge; one nutty, one not. Of course there is an 80% chance of rain & the fudge never sets correctly. Le Sigh! Bake some coconut macaroons (never made those). After the sugar cookie fiasco, I realized I made a huge mess on the floor. So, now I have to sweep and mop…again. Windex some finger and mouth prints off the backdoor glass and mirrors…toddlers. Vacuum up and downstairs. Wash, dry, & fold laundry. Remember to pick up the kid from school. Mail out more Christmas cards. Wrap some gifts. Re-figure the goody bag situation with what I have, because I don’t have time for another Target trip. I have to get all of this done today, because tomorrow is my daughter’s Christmas party at school.

My whole morning will be booked doing that. Then I will rush home to do some more last minute cooking for hot hors d’oeuvres, making the hot chocolate, and last minute cleaning…that I know I will have to do because I have a toddler and husband. Hopefully, I will remember to put on some decent clothes. I always wear stain approved clothing for cooking and cleaning, because I make messes too. I need the extra time for a nap, really.


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