A Day of Gratitude

I cannot believe tomorrow is Thanksgiving. Honestly, I cannot believe a year has past since last year’s Thanksgiving. We were travelling all over central Alabama visiting our families. This year, we decided to rest. No travels, no giant feast; just time spent with each other. My hubby had a great idea to make lunch reservations at The Pirate’s House* for their Thanksgiving feast buffet.

*Y’all The Pirate’s House’s everyday lunch buffet is WAY better (& Southern) than another local popular restaurant for tourists that boasts traditional Southern cuisine full of butter, sugar, and fried perfection whose title resembles A Female and her Male Children. I grew up on Southern food, y’all…that isn’t it. Just go to the Pirate’s House on Broad Street, they also give a great tour of the building with historical pirate facts and legends of Savannah.*

Because I am a Southern girl, I will miss cooking and serving. Although, I am so excited to spend time with my hubby and daughter. We plan on watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving parade, maybe Charlie Brown’s Thanksgiving too. I love Charlie Brown. My hubby bought me the Peanuts Christmas stamps and I don’t want to give them up. Haha! Yesterday, I was able to serve at our church. The pre-school there decided to throw a Thanksgiving production and pie. I dropped the kiddo off, but didn’t have time to go home before the production. So, I was able to help set up, serve pie, and watch my kid in the production.

Let me tell y’all, my kid was so stinkin’ adorable. It was almost too much to handle. Her class was dressed as turkeys and sang/danced for two songs. The production began with the older kids (4 yr. olds), and ended with the younger twos. Most of the younger classes just stared aimlessly or cried with stage fright at so many parents. In each class there was one, sometimes two, of those kids…you know…singing/dancing above everyone else… yeah… my daughter was one of those kids, yesterday. She sang her little heart out, she danced her little heart out, and cheered her little heart out… it was the cutest thing ever. She loves an audience…haha! I was/am one proud Mommy. (Her first debut didn’t go as well. She hopped across the stage, tripped on her costume, busted her lip, and cried for me. She lasted 3 whole seconds on stage. Whoops!)

Today, we have the whole day together. I’m pretty excited about it. I have a turkey craft for us to do. We’ll go for a run this morning. And I found out a children’s clothing store is closing, so I’m going to see if there are any great sales for us to buy.

I hope all of you have a wonderful Thanksgiving! And please remember, if y’all are eating out, to tip your servers extra and be a bit more patient. Many of them would love to be home with their families!



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