Claiming My Morning Routine Back

My morning routine has been thrown off track. I had a great thing going. I would drop the kid off at pre-school, head straight to the gym or back home for a run, quickly eat some healthy lunch, and pick up the kid from school. That hasn’t happened in over two weeks.

My mornings have consisted of dropping the kid off at pre-school, running errands, cleaning house, laundry, baking, attending school functions, packing for trips, battling awful colds, and picking up the kid. Lunch is around 2:30, which means I am looking for anything to curb my starving insides. I keep healthy foods in the house, so I’m not filling myself with junk. However, my portion sizes have been larger than normal. For instance, I will have a ham on wheat sandwich, some fruit, a cheese stick, and a handful of mixed nuts. All in one sitting, that is usually a lunch and two snacks for me. Over eating happens when you allow yourself past the point of hunger.

I understand how difficult it is for moms to find time to workout, much less the motivation. The demand on you is seemingly never ending. Personally, I feel guilty if I tell my family “no” or “wait”, so I can have some time to workout (especially because of being a SAHM). I won’t even mention how tired you are at the end of the day, because I’m beat by lunch most days. I get it! I have to realize the importance of keeping myself healthy for my family; that requires me to workout. If I am not feeling healthy, I am not doing my best at being a mom or wife.


2 thoughts on “Claiming My Morning Routine Back

  1. I love your last statement and I think that is true. I do not know what it is to be a mom or a wife or have kids of my own, but it sounds like your day is pretty hectic! (Sounds much like my mom’s day!)
    Something I read a while back is something called the Parkinson’s principle and it’s about compressing your tasks into an impossible amount of time. It’s helped me and many people I know with their hectic schedules and hopefully it helps you as well!
    Best of luck!

    On a side note: All we can do is our best, each day and every moment. Anything beyond that is out of our control. It sounds like you’re doing your best on a day to day so don’t forget to give yourself a pat on the back every once in a while! =)

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