Let’s not share germs.

My plans have changed. This week was supposed to have gym time or some type of exercise included. However, my adorable petri dish daughter shared a wonderful cold with me. (Actually, I only assume it was my child. She had the sniffles with a cough, but didn’t seem sick. She is fine, with a slight residual cough.There is no telling where I picked this up.) At the end of last week,my allergies began irritating me. Nothing that Benadryl couldn’t handle. Now, I have a nasty cold. The ability to breathe through my nose would be nice or food having taste. I try to keep my germs to myself by staying home and deep cleaning the house, not sneezing al over the gym.

This extra time has given me a chance to pick up another book. It is Adam Hamilton’s Making Sense Of The Bible: Rediscovering the Power of Scripture Today. I’ve read through the intro, chapters one, and two already. I am hooked! I will definitely be making a review on this one.

I hope I am better to enjoy my daughter’s first trick or treating experience. I will be surprised if we make it past two houses. She doesn’t handle being up past her bedtime very well. She loves sleep. I still have to carve my pumpkin. I love Halloween, but this cold has really made me into a procrastinator.

Stay safe from germs, my friends!

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