To Follow Through Or Not To; There Isn’t An Option

I have a huge list of “pet peeves”…it could be said that people, in general, are on said list…joking. However, because I am so introverted, dealing with people can be exhausting for me. My top pet peeve is making an agreement with someone, then cancelling on the agreement (especially at the last minute). Yesterday gave way to a perfect example.

Some background: I love to bake. It was a huge contributor to my weight gain of the past. My happiest memories are baking in the kitchen with my Great-Grandmother, Grandmother, and Mom; and how much enjoyment my Grandfather received from the tasty results – he also received diabetes and heart failure, which is why I am so committed to health. I was raised as a typical rural Southern girl…”women are in the kitchen”…”you aren’t wife material unless you can cook”…”food is the way to a man’s heart”…yada yada.

So the point is, I am one kickass Southern wife that has a husband who really appreciates my traditional qualities…and if he didn’t, his ass would be kicked. 🙂

That isn’t the point, really. Because of my background, I sometimes have people ask me to bake cakes and cupcakes for them. I am more than happy to, as along as the person in the very least pays for the ingredients. I am not a legit business, just someone who likes to keep her baking and decorating skills sharp. This was the case yesterday. A repeat “customer” asked for 40 cupcakes – 2 different flavors with 1 frosting- late Tuesday; needing them by Friday afternoon. This gave me Wednesday to purchase the ingredients and Thursday to prepare, bake, and frost. (Friday mornings I ride horses, so those morning are booked.) Yesterday, after I had already baked half of her order, she cancels! This leads to my point of: why do people think it is appropriate to make an agreement, then cancel, to stiff the other person?

This happens more than we realize! Even, making arrangements to meet a friend at a certain time, then showing up extremely late…or cancelling at the time you were supposed to meet, simply because you changed your mind. Leaving your friend with cancelled plans, and possibly out of money.

Or when I ask the pre-school teacher if there will be a Halloween party for the kiddos, she replies no. So you suggest to bring in mini cupcakes for them on the day or two before Halloween, and she agrees. Then, you are shocked to find a note the next day after the conversation of a Halloween party for the exact day y’all talked about. You go to confirm to bring the mini cupcakes on Friday for the party (that wasn’t planned), and there was a sign up sheet with someone already bringing desserts. What the heck?! How rude! Then, the teacher just suggests to bring some on the day before…she guesses…as if it is a bother. {Give perplexed look}

All of these are perfect examples of not being true to your word. I can give more than one example while dealing with babysitters! {Ugh!} Why do people think it is appropriate to do this? There was a time, when you could count on someone’s word. I find this harder and harder to do. There are always some exceptions; however, it seems some people are abusing the situation.

If I make an agreement with you, you better bet I am going to go above and beyond to uphold my word. I view it as a tarnish on my reputation to continuously bail out on someone…at one point, that was the universal view point. At what point, did we turn our viewpoint to it being acceptable to go against our word of agreement?

I am not angry at losing money. I am angry that my trust has been broken (repeatedly, by more than one person); because people no longer hold value into their word. This is why you must wrap yourself and business in litigation, contracts, and deposits over a simple word of mouth agreement…or handshake.

Readers, do you have the same frustrations? Share a story. Are you a person that frequently bails out? If so, what/why is your viewpoint?


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