I haven’t been in the gym or running in two weeks.

Yeah, it is awful and I feel like a complete slob. When I don’t workout, my energy level drops, motivation plummets, and healthy eating habits wavier. I begin to crave unhealthy foods. I become angry at myself for undoing all of that hard work. I become tired and depressed.

Lucky for me, I make weekly menus for breakfast, lunch, and supper. That allows me to maintain a fairly healthy diet. Those weekends hurt me though, especially when traveling.

Also, being a SAHM to a busy toddler helps too. She is always on the go! We play a little play doh on the table. I’m constantly picking up dropped doh or tools. We play kitchen upstairs in the playroom. We clean up. We play chase and tickle. We go outside and the whole thing starts over. We are here, there, and everywhere. “Look! What’s that? Oh, neat! This? Mommy, come on!” Her happy disposition uplifts my mood.

I feel better when I am able to work in that “me time, gym time”. I feel like I parent better too. I’ve been running so many errands for the family…food is kinda important, so are clean clothes…that I have neglected me. I look forward to Fridays because I ride horses. Riding is an exercise. However, I need those other days of the week too.

I am hoping next week I can make it back into the gym or, at least, go run. Once you start (and stick with it), exercise is a need. I need that back. I also need a nap…

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